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Alberta Truck Racks

Alberta has one of the strongest economies in Canada due to its strong petroleum, agriculture, technology and forestry trades.

It takes a lot of talented and hardworking people to keep up with the constant growth which is why the province of Alberta became an early adopter of BACKRACK™ truck racks and accessories.

Below are a few examples of how various trades and industry workers in Alberta appreciate the durability and reliability that BACKRACK™ offers.

Construction Trades Jobs

With over 181,000 km of highway and roads, a dependable pickup truck is essential for success in the construction trades in Alberta. Tradespeople need a truck that functions, but will also hold up to the daily abuse of the long hours to keep up with the work. What makes BACKRACK™ popular among tradespeople is that our truck racks maintain your truck's stylish good looks while providing strength and functionality.

BACKRACK™'s simple and open design makes it easy to hook a bungee cord or ratchet strap around the flat bar. You can tie bulky cargo to the BACKRACK™, such as lumber, metal pipes, and tool boxes with the confidence knowing that your rear window and cab are protected from shifting cargo. Carrying a full sized ladder is easy with BACKRACK™'s engineered low profile design. Simply rest the ladder between the uprights and secure.  This allows you to park your truck in places you couldn’t with a full-size ladder rack.

BACKRACK™ is durable and attractive, so when you’re buying supplies in Edmonton or taking the family out for dinner in Calgary, you can show off your wheels with style.

Jobs in the Agricultural Industry

Agricultural work in Alberta is a rewarding yet grueling career. Not only are you awake before the crack of dawn, you may be called to the field at any hour of the night. That’s where the adaptability of BACKRACK™’s accessories come in handy. With BACKRACK™ you can easily install sport lights to safely maneuver the farm fields at two am when there is an on-site emergency. Our landscape tool holder allows you to securely hold shovels, rakes and pickaxes that your crew may need to do their jobs, such as spreading straw, or digging a rock out of the field.

BACKRACK™ Siderails are industrial grade and designed for trucks that push the envelope of on-the-job abuse. When you are working on a farm, we expect you to toss cattle feed, bales of hay, or horse manure into the back without worry of damaging our tough siderails. Our siderails are toolbox friendly, meaning you can spend your day handling any problem that may suddenly come up without ever leaving the field.

Fleet Protection and Safety

If you are a business owner, you know your employees are your most valuable asset. Protect your talent with BACKRACK™’s safety rack. The two-inch wire screen is manufactured using 3/16" cold rolled wire that is welded at each and every intersection. Safety Rack by BACKRACK™ offers increased safety by preventing objects from crashing through your cab window, without sacrificing visibility.

Safety Racks are perfect for the lumber industry where heavy tools such as log racks, chainsaws, heavy chains and timberjacks can easily damage cab windows when your crew might be in a hurry leaving a job site. Our Safety Racks are Tonneau cover compatible, meaning your tools and gear are protected during the winter months from snow and freezing rain.

Having the right tools for your fleet to do their job is the best way to ensure your business remains productive. Tools naturally get misplaced or lost over time, but with our tool holder accessory, it’s easy to spot if a shovel or rake is missing before leaving the job site. With BACKRACK™, it is easy to install our tool holder accessory, which comes in two versions, a five tool holder, or an eleven tool holder.

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Backrack installed on a FX4