How BACKRACK™ Safety Rack Stacks Up

Many companies rely on work trucks to transport employees to work sites, haul equipment, and tow trailers. In fact, the work truck is just as essential as any other piece of equipment or machinery – and as such it deserves the protection of a BACKRACK™ Safety Rack.

Why does my truck need a safety rack?

The safety rack serves two purposes. First, it protects passengers inside your vehicle from objects and equipment which might be thrown forward into the rear window of the cab should you come to a sudden stop while driving. Second, it protects the rear window from being hit by objects during the loading and unloading of truck.

Whether you run a business with an entire fleet of vehicles, or whether you are a single person and single truck operation, the importance of protecting yourself, your employees and your assets cannot be overstated.


Over the years, various configurations of the safety rack have been developed, but none compare to the high standards of BACKRACK™. In the past, the standard safety rack consisted of a piece of sheet metal with holes punched into it.

This type of rack will do the job for a period of time, but on rough worksites it will quickly become banged up and unsightly in its appearance.

The BACKRACK™ Safety Rack on the other hand is constructed of a 3/16th round wire screen which is spot welded at each intersection to ensure superior strength. The screen is stitched into 2 inch square tube frame for extra durability.

This sturdy construction means that your employees can put more of their focus into the task at hand, and not have to worry about inadvertently causing damage to the rear of the cab. And more focus on the task at hand, means more profitability to your business.

Not to mention, the powder spray coating simply looks better than the sheet metal configuration. Let’s face it, men and women who drive trucks are proud of their rides. They want them to be practical yes, but there’s also a certain element of pride in driving an attractive vehicle. So cover the back of the cab with an ugly punch sheet design rack? No thank you! Most truck owners, on the other hand, would welcome the addition of a sleek looking BACKRACK™ Safety Rack.

But will it fit my truck?

The quick answer to this question is yes – as long as you choose the correct Mounting Hardware. Mounting Kits contain brackets as well as Stake Pocket Bolts that are specific to your vehicle. Most customers find our racks easy to install as they usually do not require any drilling. This is especially beneficial to business owners who have an entire fleet of trucks and don’t have time to sit around waiting for a third party to do the installations.

If you do require assistance, one of our representatives will always be happy to provide help and advice.

The safety rack is compatible with some tonneau covers. If you are purchasing a safety rack and tonneau cover at the same time, it is recommended that you review which tonneau covers it is compatible with. 

A quality product with a proud history

BACKRACK™ has been serving working men and women in both the United States and Canada for over twenty years. We are proud that our headache racks are made from U.S. steel – they are designed, constructed and inspected here in North America.  It only makes sense to us that if our customers (business owners and tradespeople) are creating jobs here at home, then we should too.

Like all of our products, the BACKRACK™ pick-up Safety Rack has been designed to be tough and durable while at the same time being sleek and attractive. It is no wonder, so many businesses rely on this product to protect both their people and their trucks.