Rear Bars for your Truck

Don’t waste time on equipment and accessories that makes your truck look utilitarian. Rear bars help maintain your truck's great appearance while giving it the versatility and practicality you need. Common four post racks take up too much vertical space which may give you problems when trying to park. Our rear bars, however, make parking simpler with its low profile design. They also feature a diagonal slant which gives you a longer distance to your vehicle’s rear and lets you carry longer items which won’t protrude much past your tailgate.

If you carry ladders or long loads, rear bars are a necessity. They provide a safe, secure platform to carry your cargo while keeping your truck and your business looking stylish and professional. There is no need to diminish your truck's good looks for the sake of utility. Rear bars are made from high quality steel construction and a powder-coated finish that ensures long lasting durability. Something your truck and accessories demand from you.

Rear Bars are designed with professionals in mind and provide a sturdy structure to carry ladders, manage cargo and much more without sacrificing your truck’s appearance. BACKRACK™ rear bars install in minutes and requires no drilling. The perfect accessory for your demands without the hassle and long term issues with drilling.

If you regularly carry a ladder, our rear bar accessory simply drops snugly into the rear stake pockets of your truck, providing a tie point above the tailgate for your longer loads.  The two-inch tube runs across the rear of your truck bed with tie hooks at the same width apart as the upright posts. It also allows you to open and close the tailgate without interference. And our rear bar can be easily removed when it's not needed by lifting it straight up and stores easily in the bed of your truck or your garage.

We understand the in many cases a heavy duty four post rack is necessary. We also know that in many more cases it isn’t. If you carry one or two ladders daily, or you only have the need to carry long loads occasionally, then rear bars are an inexpensive alternative to traditional four post racks. 

The rear load bar works with our Headache Rack or Safety Rack. 

If your work requires you to carry cargo and ladders, installing a rear bar is the answer to your problems.