Truck Racks in Western Canada

Many hardworking men and women in Western Canada rely on their pickup trucks for their given professions. In places like British Columbia and Alberta, where the economies rely heavily on industries such as forestry, mining, oil, and agriculture, heavy duty work trucks are commonplace. And since these trucks play such an important role, it only makes sense that people want to protect their trucks with truck racks.

Why do Western Canadians use truck racks?

It should not come as a surprise that many folks in Alberta and in BC, use truck racks. The industries that the economies in these provinces rely on, involve the use of some pretty specialized (not to mention costly!) equipment.  Benefits of using truck racks include:

  • Protection of capital – perhaps the primary reason that most people purchase truck racks is to protect their investments. As mentioned earlier, these racks are designed to protect trucks and the tools and equipment that they carry.
  • Safety of passengers – it is a well-known fact, that truck racks keep work trucks and the equipment that they carry protected. What may be less well known, is that fact that they can also protect the people inside the cab of the truck should the vehicle come to a sudden stop. While equipment and vehicles are expensive, they can be replaced – people cannot.
  • Efficiency – truck racks also serve to keep tools and equipment organized. With a properly installed rack, you are not going to have equipment rattling around and moving in the back of the truck. When you get to your work site, everything will be right where you put it. There are various configurations of truck racks that allow for safe and secure storage of equipment. This means that when you reach your worksite, it will be a relatively simple matter to locate and get to the equipment you need for faster unloading.

Why is BACKRACK™ the premier truck rack in Alberta and British Columbia?

Since the heavy duty work truck is so popular in Western Canada, residents have a variety of choices when it comes to truck racks. But BACKRACK™ stands out amongst its competitors. Here are just a few of the advantages of BACKRACK™:

  • Easy, no-drill installation – your truck is your baby, and no one wants to drill holes in their baby! With the installation kit that comes with your truck rack, you can have it installed very quickly so that you can get your truck back to work.
  • Quality made – right here in Canada – when it comes something designed to protect your investments, provide you with added safety and contribute to the overall efficiency of your operation, you don’t want a cheaply made product. Every BACKRACK™ truck rack meets the highest quality stands. And they are made right here in Canada!
  • Attractive designs – A work truck may be a utilitarian vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it has to be outfitted with an ugly truck rack! BACKRACK™ truck racks are available in a number of attractive designs and configurations, many of which are compatible with tonneau covers. Choose that style that is right for your truck.

For the people of Western Canada, investing in a pick-up truck rack just makes sense – and when it comes to truck racks, BACKRACK™ is the obvious choice.