Protect Your Truck’s Contents with a Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are used in utility vehicles or pickup trucks and designed to protect the contents of your truck bed. They are sometimes called a truck bed cover.  Tonneau covers have been on the market for several years. However, in the past ten years or so, they have really grown in popularity as the bestselling aftermarket truck accessory.

The benefits to owning a tonneau cover for your truck are numerous. These features include better fuel economy, increased truck bed security, functionality and a dramatic change in the truck’s appearance with enhanced good looks. Not only do they cover and secure the truck bed, they come in a variety of styles to suit your look and taste. Today’s tonneau covers are quickly becoming the accessory of choice because they combine styling with quality construction for years of use and enjoyment.

Tonneau Brands:

In recent years, the truck market has changed considerably and now there are several different brands and materials of tonneau covers. Some manufacturers have specifically designed them to function effectively in all environments while others, such as the hard folding type, have been engineered for more access to your truck beck. There are also the low profile tonneau covers that have been designed to be virtually invisible from the side of the truck.  This type of cover provides a sleek, streamlined look.

There is a wider selection of materials available on the market than just vinyl or cloth that uses a rib-like structure to support the fabric and keep it taut. This style uses a snap based system, but its popularity is on the decline because truck owners do not want to drill into the truck or use a permanent adhesive.

One popular design is the retractable unit, which is more convenient than vinyl roll up styles since the assembly or disassembly is less time consuming and they are usually lockable. This style is mounted at the front and sides of the truck bed and then retracts from the tailgate toward the cab and typically are made of vinyl, plastic or aluminum.

The fiberglass, hard plastic and aluminum tonneau covers are also in demand and sometimes installed as a factory option on new trucks. Some may be painted to match the truck.  They are solid in construction and like the retractable tonneau covers, they can be locked. Some models have multiple compartments that open in several positions, such as front to back, back to front, side to side, or even rise vertically.

Fuel Economy & Safety:

Tonneau covers can increase your fuel economy. They can reduce the amount of air drag by as much as 10% or more when a truck is traveling down a highway, which results in better mileage. Tonneau covers provide protection and safety for your personal item, tools or shopping bags that are left in the back of the truck and locked from prying eyes. Because these items are hidden from view, you have greater peace of mind that your belongings will be safe and avoid possible theft.


Appearance and affordability is one of the biggest reasons why tonneau covers are so popular amongst pickup truck owners.  Not only do they enhance the look of the truck, they prevent the unsightly appearance of open beds that are sometimes scratched, dinged and dented. If you happen to own a show truck, tonneau covers really jazz it up and make it look slick.


If you already have a BACKRACK Cab Guard and you want to find out if your truck is compatible to have a tonneau cover added to it click here to Spec Your Truck.

Each and every BACKRACK is compatible with a wide selection of tonneau covers by simply adding our tonneau adaptor kit and raising the BACKRACK up a bit to accommodate the height of the tonneau. Tonneau covers that do not sit on top of the truck's bedrails are the only covers that are compatible. Tonneau covers that clamp on the inside rail of the truck bed are generally compatible. Industry models like the BAC, Truxedo and Access tonneau covers are great additions to all BACKRACK cab guards.


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