BACKRACK™: A Prepper’s Best Friend

There is a growing culture of people that call themselves “preppers.” These are the folks that have really taken the old Boy Scout motto of “be prepared” to heart as they realize that the government may not be able to provide timely or adequate help in a time of crises – whether that crises be a severe winter storm or civil collapse. Preppers spend time stockpiling food, water, firewood and other supplies that can help get them and their families through an emergency should there ever be one. Most preppers have pickup trucks and BACKRACK™ can be a huge benefit in helping preppers prep.

Let’s have a look at a few of the ways that preppers can benefit from BACKRACK™:

Easy, no-drill installation

Preppers don’t always live near an auto mechanic and often do much of their vehicle maintenance themselves. They appreciate the fact that BACKRACK™ truck racks are easy for the average person to install and do not require drilling. Even so, they are extremely sturdy for all the tasks a prepper may want to do.

Hauling firewood

Loading firewood into the back of a pickup truck can be a time consuming and tedious process. The last thing anyone wants to do is make it even more time consuming by placing each piece of wood down gently. But tossing logs could potentially mean breaking a window if you’re not careful. BACKRACK™ safety racks cover the rear cab window, allowing preppers to toss firewood with abandon.    

Securing tools

Preppers are do-it-yourselfers. Many of them like to garden. They may keep backyard chickens and goats that require coops and fences. They build root cellars, cold frames, greenhouses and other useful structures to help them in their stockpiling efforts.

All of these will require the transporting of tools or supplies at some point. With BACKRACK™, a prepper can easily secure tools, lumber, and other supplies. BACKRACK™ keeps these items from sliding around in their trucks – preventing damage both to the supplies themselves and the vehicles which they are being transported in.

Off-grid terrain

Many preppers also enjoy what many refer to as “off-grid” living. They live in homes that may or may not have municipal water or power supplied to them. Roads may be rough or practically non-existent. Of course, while preppers may find life away from it all a romantic ideal, the rough terrain can wreak havoc on vehicles. It is therefore important that everything that is being transported is securely tied down to help preppers get the maximum life possible out of their trucks.

BACKRACK™ also helps to protect passengers inside the cab of the truck on rough terrain as well since it helps to prevent items from coming through the rear cab window should the vehicle hit a bump or have to come to a sudden stop.

The high quality and usefulness of BACKRACK™ truck racks makes them an ideal tool for just about anyone who uses a pickup truck on a regular basis. For preppers looking to “be prepared”, BACKRACK™ just makes sense.