Adding Lights to Your Truck Rack

light bracketThe original BACKRACK™ is a quality product that protects the cab of the truck while presenting a clean and attractive appearance. It installs without drilling your pickup truck and holds securely. If needed, it can be removed quickly and easily.

One of the reasons people like BACKRACK™ is because it’s made to be user and accessory friendly. Whether you want to mount toolboxes, cargo, ladders or light brackets, BACKRACK™ has the perfect truck rack accessory for your needs. All brackets are coated with durable powder-coat finish and all hardware is yellow zinc coated for long-lasting corrosion resistance.

BACKRACK™ pick-up truck rack is a truck specific rack system designed for the back of truck cabs. You can easily secure cargo to the rack, which can also be used to attach light brackets. Light brackets are the perfect choice for mounting sports lights, strobes, mini light bar arrows and many more options to your truck. Instant visibility for your truck.

Why add a Truck Light Bar to your Headache Rack?

There are many truck owners that need to add further lighting atop their racks. And why mount a strobe light or other accessory into the roof of your truck? You can avoid drilling holes and having potential water damage altogether with BACKRACK™ and the accessory light brackets. With 11 varieties of brackets, simply bolt or clamp onto your cab guards allowing you to mount the lights you require onto your truck. Hassle-free.

Designed to work exclusively with Headache Racks or the Universal Safety Racks, these brackets connect to points along your rack for whatever lights you want to add. There are accessory brackets for warning, utility, sport lights and spot lights, as well as for more general lighting needs and purposes. These connect in configuration for a particular light. Installation is easy and no drilling is required.

Make sure you have everything you need to add proper lights to our truck. There are eleven styles of light brackets. Teardrop base for passenger or driver side, octagon base driver side, center mount, utility light bracket (10 1/2” passenger side), arrow stick brackets, sport light brackets, light bar brackets, utility light bracket (16”x7” rectangle, passenger),  utility light bracket (16”x7” rectangle, center mount) and folding utility light brackets. Something for everybody.

BACKRACK™ light and accessory brackets allow you to mount most styles of warning lights or antennas. This can all be accomplished with simple, no drill installation. Simply drop them on and bolt them in. It’s really that easy. Once you secure the custom Stake Pocket Bolts into the stake holes, the side rails drop into the pockets over the bolts. Turn down the nuts with a ratchet and finish the installation by inserting plastic caps inside the stake holes to hide all fasteners.

If your truck requires visibility, BACKRACK™ has the options for you. Sport lights are easily mounted between the bar and there are many brackets available for above cab lighting to keep your truck visible. When you need to add safety lighting to make your truck more visible, choose one of several options to attach any number of beacons, strobes or light bars. 

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