BACKRACK™ can Make Your Move a Breeze

Not only is buying a new home or apartment one of the biggest commitments we make in our lives, it usually comes with a lot of work and stress, not to mention the financial commitment of a mortgage or monthly rent.

The actual process of moving is no cake walk either, and often times the time commitment and financial burden of the physical moving itself is often overlooked when making plans for the future. There are real estate, mortgage, legal and moving fees, as well as land transfer taxes that are all easy to forget about with the excitement that comes with buying a new home. Especially if you are moving out of town or making a long distance move, movers and moving trucks can become quite costly. BACKRACK™ quality, industry leading truck racks are one way to ease the stress and costs of moving. A truck rack can help turn any normal truck bed into an amazing storage space that is secure and perfect for transporting any household item.

Moving Made Easy

The original BACKRACK™ is perfect for moving long loads and securing shifting cargo. Whether it is different furniture pieces, boxes of your most cherished belongings or a combination of both, a BACKRACK™ can provide secure transportation that most moving services cannot. Items that are important to you are better left under your own supervision. By using a BACKRACK™ product, you can safely transport any of your belongings that you would rather be responsible for in your own vehicle, under your own watch at all times. This will also help lower the cost of your moving fees from movers and truck rentals, it will also help with efficiency since fewer trips will likely be necessary.

Hassle-free Installation

One of the best features of all BACKRACK™ truck racks is their versatility. Unlike other racks, BACKRACK™ uses a no drill installation. Therefore, if you decide you would only like to use the truck rack on occasion, you can take it off your truck without creating any damage to the exterior. Although BACKRACK™ truck racks are extremely secure and safe, they are not permanent, making them the perfect tool for moving.

The conveniences of the BACKRACK™ truck racks aren’t just great when moving homes. If you have a child moving away to university, transporting all of their belongings can be an easy one trip process. If you plan to spend your summers up north at the cottage or on a long road trip, the BACKRACK™ truck rack can help you bring everything you need, wherever you go.

If you have any questions regarding our truck racks, contact us and we'll be ready to help.