BACKRACK™ for Country Living

Men and women who live and work in rural areas across Canada and the United States love their BACKRACK™ for good reason. For many, the work truck is an essential part of farm and country living – so having the protection that BACKRACK™ truck racks offer just makes sense.

Let’s have a look at a few of the ways that our rural based customers use BACKRACK™ to makes their lives easier:

Chopping Wood

Chopping firewood can be a strenuous and time consuming task. If you are loading the wood into the back of your pickup truck, the last thing you want is a cracked window from a careless toss of a log. You therefore have two options. You can be careful, gingerly stacking logs into the bed of your truck which will add a significant amount of time to the job overall, or you can continue to toss the logs but have some form of protection over your cab’s rear window.

Most would agree that have the protection is the better way to go. A BACKRACK™ safety rack is a great way to protect your cab window without slowing you down on the job.

Transporting lumber

Logs for the fire are not the only wood that our rural customers transport in their pickup trucks. Since many are involved in construction projects, they are also transporting long planks of lumber. The BACKRACK™ safety rack protects against someone misjudging length or distance and hitting the back of the cab. The backrack can also be used to secure the planks during transport.

Securing hay and tools

Living out in the country often involves living with animals and a wide array of manual labour. BACKRACK™ truck racks therefore are commonly used to secure bales of hay as well as an assortment of tools including shovels, pickaxes, rakes and others.

Whether you are driving across your own property, or making a delivery in your community, the last thing you want is for bales of hay to be sliding around in the back of your truck or for tools to be rattling around and potentially damaging your truck or causing a safety hazard.

With BACKRACK™, you can have peace of mind that everything is tied down securely and that your truck, your passengers and your cargo are protected.

A guard against vehicles and machinery in the truck bed

BACKRACK™ customers in rural areas often use their pick-up trucks to transport other smaller vehicles and machinery. Especially in the case where a vehicle like a riding lawnmower or ATV is driven into the truck bed via a ramp, BACKRACK™ provides an added element of safety should you or someone you’re working with accidently bump the back of the cab.

Protection continues to be offered during transportation against an unseen pothole or a sudden stop which might cause your equipment to roll forward.

The pick-up truck has long been and will continue to be one of the most important tools for farm and country living. Doesn’t it make sense to do all you can to protect it and keep it in great shape? BACKRACK™ customers certainly think so!