BACKRACKā„¢ for Freelancers

You’ve no doubt seen pickup trucks that belong to some of the larger contracting companies sporting BACKRACK™ truck racks and other accessories. But did you know that BACKRACK™ products are also ideal for freelance contractors? You know – those handy individuals who often take on smaller jobs or who are subcontracted for jobs that need a few additional pairs of hands.

If you are a freelance contractor – or are considering becoming one, there are several good reasons why you might want to install a BACKRACK™ truck rack on your vehicle.

Reason #1: It protects your truck

If you are in business for yourself, wear and tear on your vehicle isn’t at “the company’s” expense. It’s at yours. Since many freelance contractors do not rent office or shop space, their truck is often their biggest capital investment – so it just makes sense to protect that investment with BACKRACK™.

Besides the actual cost of your vehicle, another reason to protect your truck is because its appearance can reflect on you as a tradesperson. Contractors who hire freelancers want to know that those whom they hire will make a good impression on their clients.

Reason #2: It protects equipment – yours and others’

Since you rely on different types of tools and equipment for your livelihood, protecting those items by securely tying them to a BACKRACK™ truck rack is a smart thing to do.

And if you are ever transporting items that belong to the company that you are being contracted by, its of utmost importance that those items survive the journey undamaged. After all, who’s going to hire you again if their tools become damaged in your vehicle?

Reason #3: It protects you

As a freelance contractor, your ability to earn a living depends on your ability to work. If you are transporting larger, heavier items, consider installing a BACKRACK™ safety rack, which can prevent items from coming through the rear cab window.

Reason #4: It keeps you organized

If items are allow to shift and slide inside the truck bed, then they are not always the easiest to find or access once you’ve reached your job site. But when everything is safely fastened down with BACKRACK™ truck racks and accessories, it allows you to stay organized. And clients like that!

Reason #5: It looks professional

Unlike larger contracting companies, freelance contractors don’t have a big corporate identity. Their brand is themselves. That’s why it’s important for them to always look professional. And part of looking profession is having the right tools for the right job. So if part of your job is transporting items in your pickup truck, then having the right BACKRACK™ products to accommodate those items will help you look more professional.

Whether your goal is to make a good living as a freelance contractor or you have aspirations to someday grow your one-person operation into a larger business, BACKRACK™ Products can help you get there. Made right here in North America, they are sturdy and durable and will prove to be an invaluable business asset for years to come.