BACKRACK™ for Ranchers

BACKRACK™ pick-up truck racks have proven invaluable to men and women in a wide number of professions. One such profession where our heavy duty truck racks have shown themselves to be worth their salt is in ranching. Ranchers all over North America, such as in Texas, Wyoming, Utah and Alberta rely on our product to protect their vehicles and the equipment they are hauling. Here are just a few of the ways that ranchers use BACKRACK™ truck racks.

Maintenance work

Ranches are typically large pieces of property and because of this, they regularly require maintenance and upkeep. While we might like to think of ranchers as those spending their time riding horses and herding cattle, the truth is often more mundane.

Ranchers must regularly build and repair fences, maintain buildings, remove fallen trees and mow and bale hay fields. Using a BACKRACK™ truck rack to secure equipment and supplies helps to ensure that their pick-up trucks don’t get damaged in the process. It also keeps valuable equipment secured while they are performing these important duties.

Animal care

Caring for cattle is perhaps the most fundamental part of a rancher’s job. In addition to ensuring the animals are fed and contained, ranchers also perform basic veterinary tasks such as helping with birthing and caring for wounded animals.

Oftentimes ranchers must jump into their vehicles at a moment’s notice to care for an animal. Since they usually won’t have time unload whatever is already in the truck, it is important that items are well-secured – especially if they are driving over uneven terrain. Since any items in the truck bed are secured with BACKRACK™, ranchers can focus fully on giving care to the animals.

Transporting wrangling vehicles

While the classic idea of a range might invoke images of rugged looking men on horseback, the truth is that more and more ranches today don’t use horses at all as working animals. Instead, many ranches today rely on all-terrain vehicles for both wrangling and general transportation.

In order to get ATVs from point A to point B however, they are often loaded up onto trailers or into pick-up trucks. Using a BACKRACK™ truck rack to secure the ATV in the truck bed is an ideal way to ensure that it will not move around possibly causing damage to itself or to the vehicle that it is in.

Ranching is important and heavy duty work. It is no wonder then that so many ranchers insist on having the highest quality and most durable equipment that they can get their hands on. After all, there is enough going on at the average ranch that they certainly don’t need to deal with the hassles and headaches caused by subpar equipment. That’s why so many ranchers choose BACKRACK™ truck racks. Our truck racks are durable and heavy duty and able to take on any job that you can throw at them. They are also made right here in North America from quality materials. Whether you work on a ranch or in any other environment that can benefit from a well-made truck rack, you know that you can rely on BACKRACK™.