BACKRACK™ in Oregon

When most people think of Oregon, they envision the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, from waterfalls to mountain ranges, along with famous natural wonders such as Crater Lake National Park. And while that is all true, the state is much more than that. From Portland to Medford and everywhere in between, Oregon boasts a vibrant economy with some of its top sectors being agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. Men and women employed in these sectors frequently rely on pick-up trucks to get the job done, and BACKRACK™ is proud to have been a part of Oregon tradition for many years.

BACKRACK™ for Forestry and Agriculture

In a state such as Oregon, it just makes sense for truck owners to install truck racks on their vehicles. With sectors such as forestry and agriculture becoming increasingly high-tech, the cost of equipment can be high. BACKRACK truck racks help workers in these sectors protect that equipment when they are transferring it to and from a job site.

Not only do our truck racks keep expensive equipment from sliding around in the truck bed and potentially becoming damaged, but they also provide protection for the vehicle itself as well as to those riding inside the cab of the truck.

As Oregon is the number one producer of timber in the lower 48 states, it is not uncommon to see pick-up trucks loaded up with lumber. Since truck racks alone are often not sufficient to secure such long loads, BACKRACK also furnishes trucks with other accessories such as side rails and rear bars. In the case of transporting lumber, the BACKRACK rear bar is ideal for providing an addition tie down point as well as keeping the load lifted up off the truck bed itself.

Those working in the agriculture sector also turn to BACKRACK when they need to protect their equipment and their vehicles. Whether they are providing support to one of the state’s many hazelnut orchards, vineyards or cranberry marshes, our truck racks help give drivers peace of mind that their cargo will make it safely from point A to point B.

BACKRACK in the City

While most may find that it is no surprise to find people using BACKRACK in the rural and forested areas of Oregon, they may be surprised to find that our truck racks are also extremely popular in larger cities such as Portland and Salem as well.

Contractors especially love BACKRACK in comparison to other brands of truck racks because its design is ideal for working in the city. The low-profile means that pick-up truck drivers won’t be limited by the height of the rack in terms of where they can drive and park. A renovator working in a high rise condo in Portland, for example, can easily bring their vehicle into the parking garage.

For all of these reasons, BACKRACK has become extremely popular in the State of Oregon. Add to these the fact that our products are 100% North American made, and it’s a formula for success that we are proud to be a part of.