Using a Tonneau Cover with your Existing BACKRACK™

Do you use a Tonneau cover or truck bed cover on your pickup truck? Or do you already have a BACKRACK truck rack and are wondering if you can get a truck bed cover too? If so, we have good news for you. One of the many useful accessories that we provide are Tonneau cover adapters which allow you to have both a Tonneau cover and BACKRACK truck rack simultaneously.

Why use both BACKRACK and a Tonneau cover?

Some people may ask the question – if I already have a BACKRACK, why would I also use a Tonneau cover with my truck? The answer is simple – added protection and security.

While our truck racks do a great job of securing tools and equipment, they do not protect them from the elements the way that Tonneau covers do. When you have items that you need to protect from rain or snow, these handy covers turn the back of your vehicle into a weather-proof compartment.

This might not make a huge difference for some types of cargo, but anything that is prone to rust or any items that have fabric that could potentially attract mold is much safer under the protection of one of these covers.

In addition to protecting cargo, these covers also protect the truck bed from filling up with snow, leaves, or other debris.

Tonneau covers also help keep expensive items hidden and out of sight from would-be thieves. While a truck rack alone can secure items from bouncing around during a bumpy truck ride, they are not always able to protect from sticky fingers.

Many of these covers even come with a locking system, which when combined with a tailgate that also locks, helps to ensure that your cargo remains in your truck until you are ready to take it out.

Another benefit of Tonneau covers that some might find surprising is that they can even improve a truck’s fuel efficiency by as much as 10% by reducing the amount of aerodynamic drag on the vehicle.

With all these benefits of truck bed covers, it is certainly understandable why so many truck owners choose to install them.

Sometimes however just a Tonneau cover is not enough. Sometimes you’ll be transporting larger items and want to remove the cover and secure the items to your BACKRACK. And that’s why we’ve provided a way for you to have both.  Other truck rack manufacturers don’t always make this so easy, but here at BACKRACK, we want to help you get the maximum use out of your vehicle.

BACKRACK Tonneau Cover Adapters

Our Tonneau cover adapters work with most makes and models of pick-up truck. If you are unsure about your particular vehicle, give BACKRACK a call, and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Like all of our products, these adapters are sturdy and made from the highest quality materials right here in North America. Plus, they are easy to install, which means less time working on your vehicle and more time enjoying it.