The benefits of BACKRACK™ in the vineyard

Working in a vineyard is a physical job that demands much more than just a strong love for an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon. In California, the wine business serves the economy well, providing jobs, tourist attractions, and many products that are sold world-wide.

To tend to a vineyard properly, there are many important components that make up the infrastructure of a working vineyard. The convenience and efficiency of a BACKRACK™ can help make any of these aspects of the job easier to manage.

1. Irrigation- water is essential to the success of a season of grape growing. Vineyard irrigation systems are usually quite sophisticated. To achieve constant pressure pipelines are buried beneath the vineyard and risers bring water up from the mains to each row. A BACKRACK™ can help transport important parts throughout your vineyard safely and securely, whether it is gallons of water, piping or storage tank units.

2. Frost protection – protecting the plants from frost is essential to ensure crops are fruitful every year. Sprinkler systems can be installed to avoid freezing, and must be set up and taken down annually. A pickup truck is the perfect vehicle to help assist with this job, especially when all materials can be safely stored using a BACKRACK™.

3. Power – moving massive amounts of water requires massive pumps. A BACKRACK™ can help transport water pumps that are either diesel or propane to and from different areas of the vineyard.

All-Terrain Purposes:

Driving through a vineyard can mean that you are driving on paths that are very rough, or possibly non-existent. This rough terrain can cause wear and tear of your vehicle, and may cause objects in the bed of the truck to be tossed around. This can be particularly problematic if fragile goods are being transported. To avoid any mishaps, transporting items securely tied down with the BACKRACK™ system is a safe way to effectively and efficiently travel through vineyard terrain.

Easy, no-drill installation:

Vineyards are not often located near auto mechanic facilities and vineyard employees often do much of their vehicle maintenance themselves. The BACKRACK™ is perfect for these types of truck drivers because the racks are very easy for the average person to install, and they do not require any drilling.

No matter if you are growing grapes in California, Oregon, or Niagara, A BACKRACK™ is an essential accessory for any vineyard pickup truck.  We invite you to look at our selection of truck rack products and how BACKRACK™ can help you improve your vineyard's efficiency.