Choosing a Truck Ladder System

A good ladder is an indispensable tool for many jobs but transporting it from worksite to worksite can be a tricky matter. As a result, a number of truck ladder systems have been developed over the years, and it is your unique circumstances as well as your personal preference that will help you determine the system that is right for you.

The following is a brief outline of the three main types of truck ladder systems:

Over Cab Racks

These racks are most akin to a roof rack that you might find on a car. Should you already fill your truck bed to the brim and have no additional cargo space, this type of rack can create more space by turning your vehicle into a double decker on which you would have room to transport a small ladder or other items.

At present, BACKRACK™ does not make these racks as they are something only a small minority of truck owners would need.

Over Bed Racks

The most practical way for most truck owners to transport ladders is in or over the bed of their vehicles. Since many ladders are too long for truck beds, having a rack system that suspends the ladder over the top of the truck bed is a good solution.

By combining the BACKRACK™ truck rack and rear bar, you can easily transport longer ladders without having to worry about them slipping or causing damage to your truck. You can also drive confidently without the fear of the ladder coming loose and potentially causing an accident.

While other manufacturer design ladder systems that suspend the ladder perpendicular to the truck bed, the BACKRACK™ truck rack and rear bar combination suspends the ladder at an angle, making it easier to load and unload the ladder from the vehicle.

Side Mount Racks

Mounting longer loads such as ladders on the sides of a truck bed is less common but still, it is an option that some people choose. One style is to have a side mounted rack that suspends the ladder high above the truck bed.

But for most truck owners, this extra height is unnecessary and only makes it more awkward to load and unload the ladder from the truck.

But if you have a shorter ladder and still wish to choose a side mount, you could get creative with BACKRACK™ side rails and secure your ladder to the inside side of your truck bed.

Selecting the best system for you

As noted before, your own circumstances, as well as preferences, will help you to determine what kind of ladder system is going to be right for you and your truck. If you already have a good idea of what you need, then you can use the BACKRACK™ Spec My Truck link to get started.

Or, if you still have questions or would like to get more information you can contact a member of our BACKRACK™ team directly and we’d be happy to help.