Do I Need To Remove My BACKRACK™ In The Winter?

Do I need to remove my BACKRACK™ in the winter? Sometimes there is the misconception that the BACKRACK™ is a seasonal tool, however in truth; the BACKRACK™ was designed to be used year-round in all types of weather and conditions. It is built to withstand the North American climate; from hot summers to deep cold winters. The reason for this is simple; the BACKRACK™ is a tool that will help you year-round, not only during work but also during play.

In the winter the BACKRACK™ provides additional safety as it can be used to tie down your cargo when the roads are icy and slippery. Ladders, toolboxes and other work tools need to be secure in the truck bed. Using a BACKRACK™ prevents your cargo from shifting around in the truck bed. This provides you, your passengers and others around you with additional safety during these treacherous road conditions. It also ensures that if you need to stop suddenly because someone in front has run into trouble on the icy road, you know that your cargo is secure and won’t shift and cause damage to your truck.

Not only does the BACKRACK™ provide safety in the winter, it also provides you the opportunity to enjoy a lot of fun. If you enjoy skiing and snowboarding you can easily secure your equipment using the BACKRACK™. All week you have been working hard and watching the weather reports. Finally, the forecast is for snow and all you and your family can think of is getting to the slopes. When you have a BACKRACK™ installed on your truck year round it provides you with the convenience of being ready to go when the weather gives you the opportunity to enjoy your winter activities.

For those who enjoy motorsports in the winter, the BACKRACK™ is ready to secure your snowmobiles. Some snowmobile enthusiasts tow their snow machines behind their trucks. However, loading your snowmobiles in the truck bed can be safer than trying to tow your snowmobile on slippery roads. The BACKRACK™ provides the additional safety feature of ensuring that the snowmobile will not accidentally bump into the back of the cab and cause possible damage to both the snowmobile and cab.

Winter camping is another activity that many winter enthusiasts enjoy. Having a BACKRACK™ makes it easy to secure all the gear you need to enjoy winter camping. This gear can include expedition tents, cross-country skis, snowshoes, camping stove and more. Winter camping gear can be more extensive than summer camping, the BACKRACK™ is ready to handle this extra gear and this provides you with convenience and peace of mind knowing that your equipment is secure.

So as you can see, there are many reasons to keep your BACKRACK™ installed on your truck year-round, including in the winter. In addition to the BACKRACK™ you can also use our other products during the winter. These include the safety rack, side rails and rear bar, tool holder and light brackets and inserts.

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