Elevate Your Business With BACKRACK™

For many business owners across North America, their pick-up truck is an essential piece of business equipment. Renovators, landscapers, farmers and many others use their trucks to haul materials and equipment in order to serve their clients.

And using BACKRACK™ can elevate and enhance not only a pick-up truck, but the entire business as well. Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which BACKRACK™ can enhance your business.

Protects Your Investments

Let’s face it, a vehicle like a work truck is not a small investment – and neither is the equipment and supplies that you take to and from a job site. Making use of a BACKRACK™ pick-up truck rack or safety rack, helps to secure items inside your truck bed. Since items don’t bounce around, both your truck and your cargo are protected.

In addition to our truck racks, BACKRACK™ also produces other accessories such as side rails and rear bars for transporting larger, bulkier items. And we don’t forget the smaller items either – the BACKRACK™ tool rack is ideal for shovels, rakes and other similar tools.

Keeps You Organized

Whatever type of work you are doing for a customer, it is important to remain professional at all times. But if your truck is a mess and it takes you a long time to find certain items inside the truck bed, it doesn’t look very professional!

By securing your cargo with BACKRACK™, your equipment and supplies will stay where you put them. This will help to keep you organized and efficient.

Keeps You and Everyone Else Safe

Disability claims can be a huge expense for a business owner and nobody wants to work for a business that has a poor history with workplace accidents anyway.

Installing BACKRACK™ in your vehicles is one way to help keep yourself and your employees safe as items will not be shifting in the truck as it is driven. The ability of yourself and your team to get the job done is your greatest business asset – and you need to protect it!

It Looks Great!

While the appearance of your truck may have nothing to do with how well you can renovate an apartment or how beautiful a landscaping job you can perform, it DOES affect a customer’s perception of your business and your brand.

If you are driving around with cheap looking truck rack, it presents a less professional image. It might even cause you to lose a contract if a prospective customer is unfamiliar with your work.  But BACKRACK™ truck racks are durable and made from high quality material – they will remain looking great for years!

If you have a business for which you rely on your pick-up truck to haul items, then BACKRACK™ products are a great investment. And like your own business, BACKRACK™ is based in North America and all our products are made here – so as a business person, you’ll be supporting the local economy.

To learn more about how BACKRACK™ can elevate your business, browse through our Products or Contact Us today.