Five Popular Pick-Up Truck Accessories

You know that BACKRACK™ is North America’s premier choice for quality truck racks – but there are times when a truck rack alone is not enough to help you get the job done. That’s why BACKRACK™ also offers a number of accessories so that you can customize your truck to fit your exact requirements.

In this article we will review some of our top pick-up truck accessories:

#1 – Tool HolderBackrack Tool Holder

Truck racks are an excellent way to secure large, heavy objects during transport. But what about smaller items like shovels, rakes, etc. It’s still important to tie these down and prevent them from bouncing around in the back of the truck bed but an easier way to secure them is needed. The BACKRACK™ tool holder which attaches to the truck rack is the perfect solution to keep tools safely in place.


#2 – Light BracketsLight Brackets

For some jobs, it’s important to have a little extra visibility. With BACKRACK™ light brackets, it’s easy to add additional lighting to your truck and make sure that you are seen on the road and on the worksite. Options include brackets for both driver’s and passenger’s side as well as centre mounts. There are also options for truck light bars, arrow brackets and folding utility lights.


#3 – Toolbox Bracketstoolbox bracket

It used to be that truck owners had to choose between outfitting their vehicle with a truck rack or making use of a truck bed toolbox. Yet many truck owners really do need to have a toolbox in which to store smaller items such as hand tools.

With BACKRACK™, it is possible to have both. We offer a number of toolbox brackets of various sizes in order to allow you to get the best of both worlds – a truck rack and a toolbox


#4 – Tonneau Cover AdapterTonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are a great way for truck owners to store items in their truck bed, keeping them out of sight from would-be thieves, as well as protected from the elements. As with the toolbox however, it has not always been possible for truck owners to have both a truck rack and a tonneau cover.

With BACKRACK™ tonneau cover adapters, truck owners are able to benefit from having both a tonneau cover and a truck rack.


#5 – Side Rails and Rear Barrear bar

For transporting especially large or long cargo, a truck rack alone may not be enough to give you and your truck the protection you need. Accessories such as side rails and rear bars offer additional points at which you can tie items down.

They also allow you to suspend items over top of your truck bed so that you are at less risk of damaging the sides or tailgate of your vehicle. For example, if you are transporting a long ladder, you could tie down one end to the truck track and the other end to your rear bar – keeping your vehicle fully protected.


Here at BACKRACK™, our team is always thinking about how to best help our customers outfit their trucks to suit their unique needs. That’s why we offer so many Accessories – so that you can get the customization that is ideal for you. If you don't have a BACKRACK™ and you're unsure as to if your truck works with BACKRACK™ products, please check out our Spec My Truck page to see if our products are the right fit for your truck.