Insert Your Own Sense of Style into Your Truck

Just because your truck is utilitarian in nature doesn’t mean that you can’t also use it to express your personal sense of style. Let’s face it, off the lot, one work truck looks very much like another. Fortunately, across the industry there are a wide range of add-ons that you can choose from to make your truck uniquely you. And your cab guard is no exception. The BACKRACK™ Insert Rack is a simple way that you can customize your cab guard without interfering with its primary purpose – to protect your cab.

Each of the four available styles fastens easily and securely into the frame while leaving the center of the frame unobstructed for visibility.

Customize your cab guard with one of these four styles of insert:

  • Side Mesh – this insert mimics the look of our safety rack. It is a great choice for those truck drivers who don’t require a full safety rack, but still wish to have some added protection.
  • Three Round – For a slightly heavier and more industrial look, many find the three round insert to be their ideal choice. The sturdy, round vertical bars, convey the message that you are ready to take on any job, no matter how tough.
  • Three Light – Perhaps the most unique of the inserts, the three light insert, allows you to add an additional three sets of lights to your vehicle. This serves as an added safety feature to make sure that others can see you on the road. Note that the lights themselves are not included with this insert.
  • Louvers – the Louvers insert consists of sleek horizontal bars that will provide your cab guard with a classic look.

Take some time to consider each style and consider which one appeals to you the most. No matter what style you choose, you can be assured of getting BACKRACK™’s trademark quality. Tough and resistant to corrosion, each one of our inserts has been dipped in a twelve stage Electrostatic coating prior to powder coating.

Fastening your insert

At BACKRACK™, we believe that customized shouldn’t have to mean complicated. Just like our headache racks themselves, the installation of our inserts is quick and easy and requires no drilling. That means less time working on your truck and more time showing it off.

To fasten your insert, simply use the kit that comes with the inserts and fasten it into the frame using the stainless steel cap screws that are included.

Compatible with most trucks

No matter what type of truck you drive and whether or not you use a Tonneau cover, there is a pretty good chance that we have a cab guard and insert racks that will be compatible with your truck. Our ability to outfit all sorts of trucks is one of the reasons that we are a leader in the industry.

So if you’re ready to take next step in customizing your cab guard, have a look at the styles of headache racks we offer and choose the one that suits you best!