Installing Your New BACKRACKā„¢ | Pickup Truck Racks

BACKRACK™ products are perfect for drivers who rely on their truck storage bed for shipping a variety of different objects, no matter the size or shape! The BACKRACK™ product is unique because it is designed and manufactured internally rather than being handed off to a third party – with a strong focus on providing a quality product for their customers. One of the first questions a customer considers when thinking of purchasing a BACKRACK™ is how the installation will occur on their vehicle.

No-Drill Installation is one of the best features of this product. Each BACKRACK™ is engineered to fasten securely in the truck’s stake pockets after just a few minutes of installation. Almost all trucks can be fully installed without any drilling, leaving your truck in the best condition possible. There are three different styles of installation options beginning with Standard – No Drill, Toolbox – No Drill and finally Low Profile – Drill Installation. In most cases, truck owners can choose which method of installation they would prefer. The functionality of each truck is always maximized, without taking away from the clean and modern appearance of your truck.

Many truck drivers are scared away by truck rack accessories because they do not want to drill into their vehicle. In almost all cases drilling is unnecessary with BACKRACK™ products. However, even if drilling is required for installation, holes can be made discretely that are not visible once installation is complete.

To understand installation process for your truck, simply go to and select Spec My Truck on the bottom left menu. Here you have the ability to enter your truck year, make and model as well as the product you are looking for including truck racks, side rails, rear bars and accessories and the search will inform you of all installation options. Enter your information to find out what installation process will work best for you!