Is BACKRACK™ Suitable for Underground Parking Lots?

Commercials advertising pick-up trucks tend to show them in rugged environments, whether it’s showing them performing heavy duty tasks on outdoor construction sites or whether they’re taking the road less travelled and finally coming to rest in front of an idyllic camping spot. What is seen less frequently in these commercials are pick-up trucks in more urban settings. Nevertheless, there are many people who use their trucks in the cities, and a question we are commonly asked is whether BACKRACK™ is suitable for use in parking garages.

The short answer to that question is YES!

Designed with multiple uses in mind

When the designers here at BACKRACK™ first set about designing the ideal truck rack, they had several key criteria in mind. It needed to be sturdy and functional of course, but they also wanted it to be usable in a wide variety of circumstances.

Other types of truck racks tend to add quite a bit of height to a vehicle, making it impossible to park in parking garages or any other spaces with low overhangs.

BACKRACK™ truck racks, however, were designed with a low profile, meaning that you can park your truck anywhere with BACKRACK™ that you’d be able to park it without BACKRACK™.

Why is this important?

While some truck owners may never have the need to bring their vehicle into an underground parking lot, this is not the case for all.

Renovation and other types of companies that do work in city condominiums and office buildings frequently have no other place to park than underground lots – and even if street parking is available, it can pose an inconvenience to workers who must carry in tools and materials from the ground level.

Even for individuals who do all or most of their work outside of city limits, they may still have to drive into urban areas on occasion. Not having to remove your truck rack every time you go to the city is a huge advantage of the BACKRACK™ design over our competitors.

Finally, there are of course the pick-up truck owners who live in the city. Contrary to what the commercials tell us, they are not all cowboys and “men of then wilderness.” Truck owners may live or work in a building that has underground parking, and the simple fact is that if they’d like to use a truck rack, the low profile design of BACKRACK™ makes the most sense.

Park where you like

BACKRACK™ truck racks are designed to make your life easier – not more complicated. With our truck racks, vehicle owners are able to secure their equipment safely and protect their vehicles, their equipment and the people inside the truck cab. Our engineers have also designed a number of accessories to make our truck racks even more versatile.

Finally, we did not want to restrict you to only being able to park in large open spaces (like some of our competitors do!). So enjoy your BACKRACK™ truck rack – use it to protect your vehicle, your gear, and your people – and stop fearing the parking garage!