Keep Your Possessions Safe with BACKRACK™

Pickup trucks are ideal from transporting items of all kinds from tools to sports equipment and even smaller vehicles such as jetskis and ATVs. But getting from point A to point B in the bed of a pickup truck isn’t usually the smoothest of rides. And when items bounce or slide around – or worse – if they make their exit before the vehicle has come to a complete stop, they can often become damaged.

BACKRACK™ pick-up truck racks and accessories help you to keep your possessions safe when you are transporting them in your pickup truck. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways these products can protect your items.

Secure items with BACKRACK™ truck racks

BACKRACK™ truck racks are at the core of our business. By securing equipment, tools etc. to these sturdy truck racks, you help to prevent them from sliding around and becoming damaged. For heavier items, you might consider a BACKRACK™ safety rack which includes a welded wire screen that not only protects the item being transported, but also those riding inside the cab of the truck.

Be sure to use proper bungee cords or ratchet straps to provide optimal protection.

Accessories to protect longer, bulkier items

Some items of course, are too large for a truck rack alone and need to be secured at multiple locations. For longer or bulkier items, BACKRACK™ offers accessories such as its rear bar and side bars, to allow multiple tie down points for truck owners.

For example, if transporting your stand up paddle board to the beach this summer, you might use a BACKRACK™ truck rack in combination with a rear bar.

Accessories for smaller items

Transporting smaller items can bring its own set of unique challenges. In many respects, they can be more challenging to tie down – and often being lighter, they can be more likely to bounce around inside a truck bed.

BACKRACK™ has a solution for this as well. The BACKRACK™ tool rack can be attached to the truck rack and is ideal for transporting tools such as rakes, shovels, etc. It is especially helpful when you arrive at a work site to have all your tools in your truck still where you put them!

Keep your vehicle safe too!

BACKRACK™ products don’t only keep your cargo safe – they also keep your vehicle safe as well. When items bounce or slide inside your truck bed, they can cause dings and dents. But tied down securely, you can feel confident that your vehicle won’t sustain damage just because you are transporting items.

Furthermore, you won’t have to do any damage to your vehicle when installing BACKRACK™ products as they all have no-drill installation. There are even adaptor kits for tonneau covers and toolboxes should you have those items in your vehicle to keep your possessions safe as well.

You work hard and play hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to be hard on your truck. Choose the BACKRACK™ products that are right for you, and protect both your truck and your cargo.