Why Landscapers Love BACKRACK™

Whether we live in bustling urban areas or in the middle the country, all of us appreciate well-manicured lawns and public green spaces. This is great news for landscapers who work hard to ensure that even the most hard-core city dwellers get their fair share of outdoor natural beauty.  But while the result of professional landscaping may be neatly trimmed grass, healthy shrubs, whimsical stone walkways etc. it starts out as heavy and very often dirty work. It is no surprise then that landscapers love BACKRACK™.

If you happen to pass by a crew of landscapers working on a project – take a look around. Chances are, a pick-up truck is not too far away. Often that truck will be used to transport tools, equipment, soil and plants. Without a vehicle capable of hauling these materials, a landscaper’s job would be much more difficult. Utilizing a BACKRACK™ truck rack makes good sense for a number of reasons.

BACKRACK™ can be used to securely tie down tools and equipment

Whether it’s an expensive precision trimmer or a good old fashion shovel, BACKRACK™ can be used to keep equipment from bouncing around in the back of the truck. This not only protects the equipment and the truck from getting damaged, but it is also a safety feature for passengers inside the cab of the truck.  

Since overhead like tools and vehicles are expensive, landscapers want to make sure that these things last as long as possible. Using a BACKRACK™ truck rack is an easy way to protect that investment.

Of course, protecting those inside the truck is even more critical. With landscaping being a physically demanding as it is, even a minor injury can mean time off the jobsite for a member of the crew.

BACKRACK™ keeps landscapers organized

Especially with very large projects, it’s important for landscapers to stay organized. The more organized tools and materials are in the back of the truck, the quicker workers will be able to find what they’re looking for and the quicker they will be able to load and unload the truck.

With BACKRACK™ pick-up truck racks, everything remains in its proper place. 

Low profile design and easy installation

While there are other truck racks on the market, BACKRACK™ has some distinct advantages over the competition. The low profile design, means that pick-up trucks with a BACKRACK™ installed can drive and park just about anywhere that any other vehicle can. While this might not make a big difference to a landscaping crew out on a golf course, it could make a huge difference to a crew working on urban green spaces.

Furthermore, BACKRACK™ truck racks are easy to install securely in place – with no drilling required. That means less downtime for the vehicle and more time serving customers.