Landscaping and Other Summer Projects with BACKRACK™

As much as we’d like to think otherwise, summer isn’t all about relaxing in a hammock and enjoying our favourite beverage. There’s work to be done! Landscaping projects that we’ve been waiting all winter to get at can finally be realized along with the standard chores of gardening and yard maintenance. Perhaps it’s even time to build that new deck or patio. And BACKRACK can help with all of these summer projects!

Let’s examine just a few of the ways that BACKRACK pick-up truck racks can help you turn your backyard into your dream summer oasis:

Landscaping projects

Adding trees and shrubs to one’s landscape is a great way to create visual interest as well as a bit of shade for those hot, sunny days. But saplings can be tricky to transport between the nursery and your home. A BACKRACK truck rack can help you secure your new trees and shrubs in your vehicle to help ensure they reach their new location safely.

Of course, there are other ways to add interest to your landscape as well. Perhaps you wish to add a water feature or build a gazebo or pergola. BACKRACK can help with this as well. If you are transporting long wooden planks, for example, you might want to use both a BACKRACK truck rack as well as a rear bar to keep the materials out of contact with your truck bed.

Gardening and other yard work

Perhaps your ambitions for your yard are a bit simpler this year and involve only some gardening or the usual yard work. BACKRACK can help with this as well.

Renting a rototiller, for example, can make putting in a new garden MUCH easier. Using a BACKRACK truck rack or safety rack will ensure that equipment is properly secured inside your vehicle. This helps to protect both you and your truck and helps prevent damage to the equipment as well. After all, you don’t want to pay for any major repair to the rototiller should it fall in your truck.

And then there are other supplies and equipment that may all be necessary to help you make your yard look its best. Soil, fertilizer, mulch, lawnmowers, trimmers and other items can all be transported more easily with the help of BACKRACK.

Decks and Patios

Is it finally time to build (or replace) that deck, patio or outdoor living space? Again, BACKRACK can help to ensure that all your equipment and materials reach their destination safely. Accessories such as the BACKRACK tool rack can help you keep everything organized as well, so you can get any job done more efficiently, without wasting time trying to find items that have shifted in your vehicle.

For summer landscaping and other Backyard summer projects, BACKRACK can be one of your greatest friends. We help you get what you need to get done to create the outdoor space of your dreams – one in which you can truly enjoying lounging in a hammock with your favourite beverage.