What Can a Louvered Rack from BACKRACK™ Do For You?

What’s the Point of the Louvered Rack?

Safety and protection. It’s just that simple. The point of a louvered rack is to protect you and the contents of your vehicle. Store precious cargo with confidence with a Louvered rack. BACKRACK uses only top quality, American steel in this one piece welded construction to guarantee superior strength and safety. From the farm to the construction site, to the garage the Louvered BACKRACK will keep you protected.

Easy to Install: No Drilling Required

There’s no need to get out the drill with a Louvered Rack from BACKRACK. They’re installed using pre-existing holes already in the frame of your truck, and installation takes just minutes. The only tools you should need are a few wrenches. That said, if you’re driving a truck without Stake Pockets, you may have to drill into the bed rail. Whether you’re using the Louvered Rack for the company truck or your personal truck you can rest easy knowing it is up for the job. Now here’s an important point. Louvered Back Racks don’t come “one size fits all.” You need to make sure that you choose the right rack for your vehicle. Use BACKRACK’s “Spec My BACKRACK Tool to find out which rack is right for you.

Built To Last

All of the BACKRACK products are built to be corrosion resistant. Instead of just one coating, we coat the Louvered rack twice. First an E-Coating, then a powder coat.  To get the E-coating just right, the entire frame is immersed into a multi-stage dip process to completely cover each and every visible and hidden surface. After this stage, a powder coat is applied to the entire frame. Every Louvered rack is made to last with American made Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel. That’s how you know it’s not going to peel, and the finish will never fade.

Choose Your Style

The Louvered Rack comes in three styles: Standard no drill, Toolbox no drill, and Low Profile drill installation. Each style allows you to customize the look and functionality of your truck. The benefit of both the Toolbox and Standard style is their “no tools required” installation. Once you’ve chosen the version that suits your needs, accessorize! Add side rails, off-road lights, a rear bar ladder rack, or even a new tool holder. On the other hand, if the Louvered rack is the accessory, you can pair it with a Tonneau cover, a bed liner, or even toolbox!


Since 1998, the folks at BACKRACK, have been specializing in a more hands-on approach. From manufacturing every single product in our Oakville factory, to personally helping you get your new rack in place. We pride ourselves in our competitive pricing and personal touch. We don’t sell a single product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Just come by and check out the staff parking lot for the proof!


Call us today if you have any questions at 1-800-265-8137, or order online!