Got a New Truck? Keep The Old BACKRACK™

Many of our customers love our product so much that when the time comes for them to purchase a new truck, they want to remove their BACKRACK™ from the old truck and put it into their new one. And while we are truly honoured and flattered that truck owners do not want to part with their BACKRACK™, we’d like to discuss the compatibility and feasibility of outfitting a new truck with an old BACKRACK™.

The most important thing that you must consider when making this decision is whether the mounting hardware is the right size for your new truck. The mounting kit is comprised of the brackets that attach to the frame as well as the stake bolts.

When attaching your old BACKRACK™ to your new truck, it may be necessary to purchase a new mounting kit.

Same make, same model

If you happen to be replacing your truck with another truck of the same make and model as your old one, installing your old BACKRACK™ will not be a problem. You will get the same great looks and feasibility as you did before.

When the frame is too big for your truck

If the frame is too big for your new truck, it may still be possible to install your old BACKRACK™, however it might be necessary to drill a few holes into your truck for the installation process. If you don’t relish the idea of drilling into your brand new truck, you might want to consider selling your old BACKRACK™ and putting the money towards a new one of the proper size.

If you decide you’d like to go ahead and put your truck under the drill, it is important to keep in mind that your BACKRACK™ will not look as visually appealing on a truck where the fit is not ideal.

When the frame is too small for your truck

If the frame is too small for your new truck, you will unfortunately not be able to install your old BACKRACK™ and it will be necessary to purchase a new one.

Installing the old BACKRACK™ vs. buying a new one

The main things to consider when making this decision is how installing the old BACKRACK™ will affect the functionality, safety and appearance of your new truck. Obviously, the closer your new truck is in terms of size and style to your old truck, the better it will be for installing your old BACKRACK™.

However, if your new truck is significantly different in size, it will make installation more difficult and it will have a negative impact on the appearance of your truck.

If possible, it is best to contact us before you purchase your new truck and we will be able to give you a good idea of how feasible installing your old BACKRACK™ actually is. That way, you can make a better informed decision on what type of truck to buy, and whether or not to sell your old BACKRACK™ as part of the deal in order to buy a new one.