New Truck, Same BACKRACK™

Each and every BACKRACK™ that we create is more versatile than the last. Our customers love how easy it is to move their BACKRACK™ from vehicle to vehicle, without ever having to even reach for a drill. Not only is your BACKRACK™ easy to install and even easier to use, but you can also transfer it from truck to truck with ease. Whether you are buying a new truck, or simply sharing one BACKRACK™ between several company vehicles, you won’t be wasting time on installation.

No Drill Installation

Every BACKRACK™ truck rack has been designed with ease of use in mind. While truck racks from other companies require labour intensive installation procedures, BACKRACK™ products are designed to be installed in a flash. The BACKRACK™ itself will never damage the surface of your vehicle. There are three different styles of BACKRACK™: Standard no drill, Toolbox no drill, or Low Profile drill installation. You can learn about the installation process. Don’t be fooled by the no drill installation process, it’s sturdier than you’ll ever need it to be. We know that you rely on your BACKRACK™ to do some heavy lifting, hauling, and towing. We have created a product that is up to the challenge.

Transferring Your BACKRACK™

Due to the fact that all of our BACKRACK™ products are incredibly simple to install, transferring your BACKRACK™ to a new vehicle is quick and painless. Of course, not all trucks are created equal. You will need to make sure that your new vehicle has the same specs as your current one to be able to use your existing BACKRACK™.

Often, if your new vehicle is the same make and model you are in the clear. However, if the frame size of your new vehicle is different, your current BACKRACK™ may not fit. Above all though, make sure that the mounting hardware for your new truck is correct. The mounting hardware includes brackets that attach to the frame. These are specific to each vehicle. Also included with the mounting hardware are the stake pocket bolts that mount into the front stake pockets.

With a different frame size, the stake pockets are going to be in different spots. If you’re interested in using your current BACKRACK™, simply drilling some new holes to mount the BACKRACK™ in will do the trick. However, using a BACKRACK™ that doesn’t fit the frame of your truck is going to affect the look of your new wheels.

Quality Construction

At BACKRACK™ we pride ourselves on the quality of each and every one of our products. We use materials sourced right here in Canada, and construct each BACKRACK™ in our Canadian factory. You can be confident in the quality and integrity of each one of our products. We have been outfitting personal and company vehicles with quality made BACKRACK™ products since 1988.

To learn more about using your existing BACKRACK™ on a new vehicle get in touch with a member of our team! Or, start browsing our selection of truck racks.