Organizing your Landscaping Tools

Does your job require you to bring landscape or farm tools to the job site? Are you tired of having expensive equipment and tools moving around in the back of your truck? Are you looking for an attachment to secure your expensive tools? We have exactly what you’ve been looking for!

BACKRACK™ products are the industry leader in quality and style. Our products stand above the competition because we researched and listened to the requirements of the people who use our BACKRACK™ truck racks and accessories. 

If you use your truck to haul gear and tools around, you know that long-handled tools like rakes eat up much needed space in your truck bed. If you use your truck for work, the BACKRACK™ Tool Holder is a must. Not only will it free up space and allow you to haul more tools and gear, but it’ll give your truck a professional and organized look. Exactly the look and feel you want when work with clients or are visiting customers daily.

The Tool Holder comes in both 5 and 11 tool sizes. Both versions feature 1/4” round hooks welded to heavy gauge steel tubing. You can drive with peace of mind knowing your gear is secure even on the roughest terrain. Plus, this product sports a black power coat finish that protects against unwanted chips as you load and unload your equipment. 

The landscape Tool Holder holds up to 11 tools, making BACKRACK™ perfect for securing rakes, trimmers and other essential tools for your business. This is the perfect attachment to help you transfer your tools from job to job which is great for your landscaping business.

If you need to transport landscape tools for your business, then you know how much space they can take up in your truck bed. Get it organized with BACKRACK’s™ Tool Holder accessory. It’s easily attached and removed in minutes by clamping on to all of your BACKRACK’s™ available Cab Guard’s, available in a full width 11 tool or half-width 5 tool holder.