Pickup Truck Camping Accessories

If you love to go camping with the family or even on your own, there are seemingly endless gadgets and accessories that you can purchase to make your camping trip a little more comfortable and convenient. But did you know that with the right gear, your pickup truck can practically be a campsite on its own?

In fact, many people have discovered the ease and flexibility of “truck camping” and have no plans of going back to sleeping on the ground anytime soon.

Our favourite pickup truck camping accessories:

  1. Pick-up truck air mattress – If you really want to sleep under the stars in comfort, consider investing in a pickup truck air mattress. Sure, you could probably manage with a foam mat and a sleeping bag, but air mattresses that are designed for truck beds fit over the wheel wells of your truck so that you can maximize your comfort.
  3. Jammock hammock – If you’d prefer something a little more lightweight to sleep on, the Jammock hammock is a two-person hammock that fits right inside your truck bed.
  5. Pick up truck tent – If camping in a tent is more your style, but you hate the idea of sleeping on the cold, hard ground with the creepy crawlers, then a tent that you can set up inside your truck bed may be the ideal solution. These tents are easy to set up and allow you to camp for the night practically anywhere.
  7. Hitch mounted grill – What is a camping trip without meat on the BBQ? Whether you are camping or tailgating, a hitch-mounted grill that hooks up to a gas tank is a handy accessory to have.
  9. Cold locker – Keep your beer and your perishable food cold while keeping animals out without a pickup truck cold locker. These are no ordinary coolers – fill them with ice, and keep food and beverages cold for a full week.
  11. Pickup truck camping heater – If you are camping during a colder time of year, a small portable heater can make the trip much more enjoyable. For most campers, a small propane heater that can be connected using an adapter hose works the best.
  13. BACKRACK™ truck racks – Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our Backrack truck racks. While you may not immediately think of it as a camping accessory, Backrack truck racks are ideal for helping you transport sporting items that you might wish to take with you on your camping trip such as kayaks, paddleboards and mountain bikes.

If you are planning a camping trip this summer, consider what activities you will want to participate in and what creature comforts you may like to have. Your pickup truck itself is a great resource not only for hauling camping gear, but it can be an important part of your campsite.

For more information on BACKRACK™ truck racks and how they can be of use in your next camping trip, call us today.