How to Protect Your Pickup Truck Cabin

You paid a lot for your truck and it now works hard for you every single day. Whether you’re carrying tools and ladders or moving heavy loads, it’s important to protect your truck cabin. Not only does this keep your occupants safe, but it also ensures your truck remains in great condition for years to come.

The best way of keeping your truck cabin protected? Installing one of BACKRACK™’s Safety Racks!

The #1 Way to Keep Your Truck Cabin Protected

We know that you need something dependable when it comes to keeping your truck cabin protected. And the BACKRACK™ Safety Rack provides that – and more!

The BACKRACK™ Safety Rack’s 3/16" cold rolled wire screen has been spot welded at each material intersection to provide the highest amount of security and strength. Surrounded by a two-inch square tube frame, the Safety Rack provides complete cabin coverage.

Covered in a powder coat finish, the wire screen is visually appealing while providing protection.

You no longer need to forfeit style for function when it comes to keeping your truck cabin protected!

Let Us Help You Keep Your Truck’s Occupants Safe

Rest assured knowing that your truck’s occupants are safe when you’ve installed one of our Safety Racks!

Regardless of what you are transporting in your truck, having a Safety Rack installed ensures that it never affects the cabin glass – or more importantly, your truck’s occupants.

Plus, since you experience clear visibility when looking through the rear cabin window, safety is never a concern while driving, either.

Tonneau Cover Compatible

Don’t worry, you don’t have to decide between a Safety Rack or a tonneau cover! BACKRACK™’s Safety Racks are fully compatible with our tonneau covers, so you can keep your cabin AND truck bed protected and safe at the same time!

Quality, Guaranteed

By simply looking at our Safety Racks, you can easily distinguish how our quality is different from other Safety Racks on the market.

Our competitors’ Safety Racks are made of weak, thin gauge sheet metal that won’t hold up over time. They also lack the care and craftsmanship that our company has been built on. Why trust anyone other than BACKRACK™ to keep your truck cabin protected?

Available Locally

Because BACKRACK™’s Safety Racks are available wherever truck accessories are sold, you don’t have to waste time at your local dealership. With our extensive Distributor network, you can count on getting a Safety Rack for your truck whenever it’s convenient for you.

The best part? Since most late model pickups do not require any drilling, our product can be bolted on in minutes. This allows your truck to get back to doing the hard work it was made for as soon as possible!

Protect Your Truck Cabin with the Best in Materials

Because all of our products are North American made, we can ensure that the highest craftsmanship is used. We have over 20 years of experience designing and creating the highest quality products. We’ve mastered how to ensure your cabin remains protected while you work hard with your truck.

Contact us today to learn more about how BACKRACK™’s high-quality products can keep your truck’s cabin and occupants protected.