BACKRACK™ Shot Blasted Flat Bars

At BACKRACK, you know that we pride ourselves on making products that are not only durable and highly useful, but we also love that our products look great. After all, no wants to buy a beautiful new truck and then outfit it with an ugly or flimsy looking truck rack. Sometimes, however, it’s what you don’t see that helps make difference between good and great.

Did you know that there is a part of our manufacturing process that you can’t see, but it’s essential to how great our products look? That process is the shot blasting of our flat steel bars. It is the process we use to make sure the finishing spray applied to our cab guards looks pristine not only when you first buy our products, but for years to come.

Shot Blasted Flat Bars

The flat bars which we use in our BACKRACK truck racks first have their scale removed by blasting them with tiny pellets of steel. What’s left behind is a clean, yet slightly abrasive surface. The slightly rough surface left on the flat bars is ideal for the powder coating to stick to.

By removing the scale, we protect our products from rust and corrosion. If rust finds its way under the scale, it causes the scale – and therefore the finish – to flake off. If you’ve ever seen coated steel with the finish flaking off, you know how unattractive that can be.

Removing the scale from our flat bars is a little extra step in our manufacturing process, but it pays off in big dividends for both you and us. We know you don’t want to drive around with an ugly truck rack – and quite frankly, we don’t want you driving around with an ugly truck rack that has our name on it!

We Do Things Right at BACKRACK

Here at BACKRACK, we are all about those little details that you might not spend much time thinking about, but they help to ensure you get a quality product every time.

Other details that make BACKRACK truck racks the preferred choice of truck owners include:

  • No drill installation – never worry about having to drill holes in your truck bed, possibly damaging it or causing water leakage. And if your vehicle has a Tonneau cover or toolbox, we have installation kits that can accommodate those too!
  • A style to suit every taste – just because your vehicle is a workhorse, doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of your own personal style. BACKRACK truck racks come in a variety of styles including our classic BACKRACK, Louvered Rack and Three Round Rack.
  • Accessories galore – Customize your truck rack even further with our wide array of accessories including light racks, and tool holders.

The name BACKRACK has become synonymous with quality – and that’s why we go the extra mile to get the job done right.  Little details are big deals! Our shot blasting finishing process along with all the little extras we put into our final product, help to ensure we give our customers the very best.