Tackling the Winter with BACKRACK™

The first snow of the season can be a beautiful sight. It brings to mind all the winter activities that are to come, like outdoor hockey, building a snowman with the kids, and of course, snowball fights. But winter isn’t all nice – ice and snow can make for hazardous conditions on the road – and that can mean some sliding around with your truck.

But because your work simply cannot stop during the winter months – you need a solution to help keep and you your belongings protected. BACKRACK™ is proud to offer that solution.

How BACKRACK™ truck racks keep everything in place.

During the winter, you might have to come to sudden stops more frequently – especially if vehicles ahead of you are sliding all over the road. Using a BACKRACK™ truck rack to secure tools, materials and equipment will ensure that items don’t go flying out of your truck or flying forward into the rear cab window.

This helps to protect both you and others around you. Even if what you’re transporting never leaves your truck, you certainly don’t want it sliding around – as this could cause damage to both your truck and to your equipment.

No matter what you are transporting, BACKRACK™ offers the solution to tie it down securely this winter.

Let’s take a look at what BACKRACK™ has to offer:

BACKRACK™ Truck Rack – Our original truck rack is sturdy and high quality, made right here in North America – by people who understand what a Canadian winter is like! Its low profile means that you can drive and park just about anywhere you normally could. And on most models of truck, it can even be used with a Tonneau cover.

BACKRACK™ Safety Rack – For added protection, the BACKRACK™ Safety rack features a strong wire mesh to prevent heavy objects from hitting the rear cab window.

Siderails and rear bar – Depending on the type of tools or materials you are transporting, it may also be ideal to have siderails and/or a rear bar. BACKRACK™ offers these quality products so that you can tie down just about anything.

Tool holder – If you are transporting certain tools with long handles such as shovels and rakes, a Backrack tool holder accessory can hold them neatly in place on your BACKRACK™ truck rack.

Light brackets and inserts – of course in any discussion on winter road safety, it is worth mentioning visibility. Blowing snow can severely limit this visibility. BACKRACK™ offers a variety of light brackets and inserts to allow you to attach extra safety lights to your vehicle. The easier it is for other drivers to see you, the less likely it is that you’ll have an auto accident.

While driving during the winter isn’t always fun, it is our hope that you’ll always put safety first by driving carefully and ensuring your truck is outfitted with the necessary safety features. And at BACKRACK™, we are proud to be able to make your winter driving a little safer.