The Best Materials for the Best Experience

BACKRACK™ manufactures quality accessories and racks for trucks across all of North America since 1988. The brand has leveraged their product’s high quality and durability along with in-house manufacturing located in Oakville, Ontario.

What really sets BACKRACK™ apart from their competitors? By using only the best materials for all of their products, they are able to offer the highest quality truck accessories possible.

Each intersection of tubing is welded to ensure solid strength and to keep moisture out. This prevents any rusting from occurring giving each rack a promising life expectancy. The tubular rail is welded to an oversized 11 gage base rail and the edges of the base rail are a rolled edge material eliminating a sharp edge and improving powder coat adhesion. The tubes and base rails are manufactured locally using hot rolled, pickled and oiled steel. This provides a scale-free substrate to accept the e-coating and powder coat for a superior finish.

Some of our competitors design or copy products and hand them off to a third-party manufacturer to add to their assortment of products. However by maintaining a specific focus on creating one main product and doing it to the very best of their ability with lean and efficient processes, the BACKRACK™ proves to be best-in-class. This has enabled BACKRACK™ to offer competitive pricing, superior quality, and fast turnaround times to all of their stakeholders.

The final product is a rack that is built to suit any truck, able to withstand any conditions and outlast any product like it. However, one of the most unique aspects of the BACKRACK™ is the emotional investment in the product, the company, and their reputation. This is maintained particularly by keeping all manufacturing in-house.

Installation is available on your truck within one or two days of your purchase, at any of our distributors and dealers. To be sure that you are buying a true BACKRACK™ product and not a cheap imitation, check to make sure the trademark BACKRACK™ is located somewhere on the product.

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