The Evolution of the Truck Rack

If you’re looking for the definitive history of how the modern truck rack came to be, you’ll be hard pressed to find it. We do know however, that this valuable piece of equipment went through a number of evolutionary stages.

The First Truck Racks

Many of the first truck racks were likely homemade jobs. Somebody somewhere, simply became tired of items sliding around inside his truck bed. To prevent both his cargo and his truck from becoming damaged, a simple rack was created on which items could be secured.

Mass Production

As with any good idea, it was not long before companies started to market their own truck racks to consumers. As pick-up trucks became more standardized, it became easier and easier for makers of truck racks to produce their products in standard sizes that would fit most vehicles.

While commercially available truck racks did a lot to improve the safety and utility of pick-up trucks, they were not without their challenges. Many truck racks were quite tall and limited the number of places where truck owners could drive and park.

Installing truck racks usually meant one would have to drill holes in their vehicle in order to secure it. Mistakes therefore, could be costly. Often produced overseas using inexpensive metal, some truck racks were also flimsy and prone to rust.

Furthermore, many truck racks could not be used at the same time as other add-ons such as toolboxes or tonneau covers.

BACKRACK™ Emerges As Leader In Truck Rack Industry

In 1988, a new truck rack manufacturer emerged on the scene. The founders of BACKRACK™ had a vision to set a new standard in quality for the industry and produce a product that would be free from many of the problems with the previous models.

A corporate culture of quality was developed. All products would be designed and manufactured in North America so that top quality could always be maintained. Truck racks would be made from sturdy material that was not prone to rust and that would look great on any pick-up truck for years to come.

The designers of BACKRACK™, also felt it was important to design a truck rack that had a low enough profile so as not to limit where truck owners could drive or park. They also wanted a product that could be easily installed without the need to drill holes in the vehicle.

The result of all this hard work of course was the original BACKRACK™ truck rack. Knowing that some of our customers would want to use our products in combination with toolboxes or tonneau covers, our designers also created adapters which allow customers to use our products on their terms.

Still Evolving

While the original BACKRACK™ is still an excellent option for most truck owners, we at BACKRACK™ recognize the need to keep growing and keep providing more value for our customers. That’s why we’ve also developed a number of truck rack styles and accessories for truck owners to choose from.

To find the right truck rack and accessories for your vehicle, let us help you Spec Your Truck.