Top Accessories for Pickup Trucks

Installing the right accessories on your pickup truck can transform a good vehicle into a great working machine. Depending on how you intend to use your truck will help you determine what the best accessories for you are – and BACKRACK is proud to be a provider of many of the top pick-up truck accessories.

Headache rack

If you are going to be transporting large or heavy items in the bed of your pick-up truck, then safety should be your number one priority.

BACKRACK's signature truck racks and safety racks are the ideal solution to help prevent damage to your cargo and vehicle while providing safety for those inside the cab as well as other drivers.


Especially for large or long loads, a truck rack may be inadequate – additional points at which you can tie down cargo may be required.
For these circumstances, side rails or rear bars can prove extremely useful. The side rails and rear bars manufactured by BACKRACK are made with the same high-quality materials and exacting standards as our truck racks.

Bed Liner

Either a spray-in or pre-formed liner can be installed in your truck bed. This helps prevent against scratches from items which may slide around inside the truck bed. In some cases, it can even help prevent against rust. Both types of bed liners are removable.


A pick-up truck toolbox made from steel, aluminium or plastic is ideal if you are transporting smaller tools or gadgets. While an extremely useful accessory for many truck owners, the presence of a toolbox can make the installation of a truck rack more challenging. If you use a toolbox in your vehicle and plan to install a truck rack, BACKRACK offers a toolbox hardware kits to help with the installation.

Tonneau Cover

If you want to keep items in your truck bed protected from the elements and possible theft, then a Tonneau cover is an excellent solution. At BACKRACK, we offer Tonneau cover adapters for our truck racks so there is no reason why you can’t have both!


If you want to keep your truck looking good and protect your paint job, you might want to consider using mudflaps. This handy accessory helps prevent small stones and gravel from flying up and hitting the rear of your truck and possibly scratching it.

Grill Guard

To protect the front of their vehicle, many truck owners install a grill guard. Grill Guards protect not only the grill but also headlights and radiator.

Lights and light brackets

Depending on the types of loads you intend to carry in your pick-up truck, it can be useful to have the extra visibility provided by additional lights. BACKRACK provides a variety of light brackets that can be installed on our truck racks.

Adding accessories to your truck is a way to customize it to make it truly your own. But more importantly, many of these accessories can provide added protection for your truck, cargo and increased safety for you, your passengers and other drivers.