Transform your Truck with BACKRACK™

BACKRACK™ provides a whole host of benefits for your truck. A lot of truck racks either provide increased functionality, while decreasing the aesthetic qualities, while others do the opposite.

BACKRACK™ is the only rack for your truck that does both. Now you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Below you’ll find the most common benefits that truck owners rave about when using our truck racks and other accessories.

The Benefits Of BACKRACK™

Like we alluded to above, our products not only look good, but they perform better than most other products on the market. This is due to our local manufacturing facility. Not only do we support and strengthen the local economy, but also we can ensure the high quality of our products.

Transforms the Appearance Of Your Truck

We offer four different racks that can transform the appearance of your truck. Some have increased functionality and a work-centered focus while others are geared towards the safety of your vehicle.

A lot of trucks racks can help to protect your work vehicle when you’re on the work site, but they can make your truck look bulky and off-balanced.

Our truck racks are designed to do the most with your vehicle, without sacrificing the appearance. In fact, our racks are designed to improve the appearance of your truck. Our racks let you personalize your truck, by adding a rack that makes your truck more rugged. 

Greater Functionality with BACKRACK™

If you use your truck for work you could benefit from the increased functionality and enhanced safety our truck racks provide.

For instance, our insert rack gives your truck the support to fully customize your back bed with a variety of inserts.

We also offer racks that are engineered to protect your vehicle. If you use your truck for transportation and construction work, your bed and back windows can become cracked and damaged. Our truck racks significantly reduce the chances of this ever happening.

Can Increase the Sale Price

When the time comes to sell your truck our racks can greatly increase the price you’re selling your truck for. If you choose to sell your truck with the truck rack included you can fetch a greater sale price.

If you decide to remove the rack from your truck, you’ll have the benefit of your truck bed being dent-free and protected all of these years, making it much more appealing to a buyer.

Our truck racks truly stand ahead of the rest. If you need a rack that can help protect your truck, while improving its appearance and functionality, then you need a BACKRACK™.