Accept no reproductions in transporting your antique furniture

When most people think of BACKRACK™ truck racks, they probably envision hardworking, rugged individuals hauling lumber, farming equipment or perhaps the latest ATV. But we know that people who choose BACKRACK™ also like to enjoy the finer things in life. In fact, our truck racks are ideal for transporting antique furniture.

Whether you have recently acquired a Queen Anne Slipper Foot Stool, a Regency Chaise or a French Cylinder Desk, you can count on BACKRACK™ to help you transport it safely to your home.

Fragile: Handle with Care

Antique furniture can be expensive and beautiful – but it can also be fragile. If you are transporting an item in the back of your pickup truck, you need to be sure that it will not slide around inside the truck bed.

Remember that the value of an antique is directly tied to how good its condition is. You don’t want to devalue your purchase during the truck ride home. BACKRACK™ provides a sturdy support on which you can secure all your latest antiquing finds.

Protect Passengers and Furniture

While you want to be sure that your patina coffee table or carved wood headboard makes it safely into your home collection, your first priority, of course, should be the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road.

BACKRACK™ helps you secure items so that they with neither fall out of the back of your truck, nor will they end up coming through your rear cab window and injuring those inside your truck should you have to come to a sudden stop.

With BACKRACK™, you can be the go-to person for transporting antiques.  Whether you yourself are a lover of antique furniture, whether it’s your spouse or whether you have a friend or family member who simply can’t resist a vintage spinning wheel or fainting bed, with BACKRACK™ you can be the hero to the antique lover in your life.

Renting a moving truck can be costly, and there is no guarantee that furniture inside won’t still slide around and get damaged. And if you are making a purchase from an estate sale or small antique store, there is a good chance that they won’t be able to offer delivery. It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that it gets transported safely.

Accept no reproductions

If you are decorating your home to suit a certain era, then reproduction antique furniture may be an option for you. But whether or not your antiques are authentic, you should accept no substitutes (or reproductions) for the quality of BACKRACK™!

There are many brands of truck rack on the market today – but these are often made overseas and may not be as sturdy or well-constructed as BACKRACK™ truck racks. At BACKRACK™, we are proud to offer products that are 100% North American made and that consist of only the highest quality materials.

Antique dealers know what to look for in order to identify quality items – but all you have to look for to identify quality in a truck rack is the name – BACKRACK™.