BACKRACK™ Branded for Your Business

The BACKRACK line of truck racks and accessories are perfect for customizing vehicles used for business purposes. Fleet vehicles, or vehicles that are owned or leased by a business, government or other organization can match customizations for each of their vehicles to suit the needs of their business.

Many businesses can benefit from the addition of a BACKRACK rack or other accessory onto their vehicles, however some companies require their vehicles to look a certain way in coordination with their company branding.

What colours are BACKRACK products available in?

Customers will often ask what colours BACKRACK truck racks are available in. As a single customer buying for a personal vehicle, the rack only comes in a standard black colour. However, in varying quantities, BACKRACK offers any colour if you are looking to customize a large fleet. This discrepancy in services is due to cost-effective manufacturing. To allow BACKRACK to offer the most affordable prices to our customers, there is a minimum number of racks that will be required to be manufactured a different colour due to the associated costs. Therefore, this is a bulk-only offering!

BACKRACK’s in-house, Powder Coating technique allows the customer to identify a specific colour (often this will come from the company’s branding guidelines), and products can be treated to have a custom finish that can contribute to establishing the most effective look and feel of company vehicles. Many businesses put effort into making their vehicles stand out on the road, as a form of advertising and marketing strategy. BACKRACK is able to conform to the design guidelines of your brand while adding convenience and capability to company vehicles.

The painting process is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder. The process includes part preparation or the “pre-treatment” of the rack. This is followed by powder application and then a curing method to set the colour permanently onto all of the parts of the rack. If your business is considering a custom paint colour for your BACKRACK, allow for some extra time in the manufacturing process when you order your bulk purchase. 

If you are interested in purchasing customized BACKRACKs for your fleet in the United States or Canada, contact BACKRACK today.