Truck Rack and Accessories - Truck Rack Systems

Why does BACKRACK™ offer such a wide variety of truck rack systems? The answer is simple – because truck owners are a diverse group of people with varying needs. So in order to cater to the widest customer base possible, we’ve included some of the systems available in our line.

These designs are all easy to install and are compatible with most types of trucks. Some of these are even compatible with tonneau covers.

What kinds of truck rack systems does BACKRACK™ offer?

  • BACKRACK™ – our original model is ideal for carrying long loads such as ladders and keeping cargo from bouncing around in the back of your vehicle while protecting your rear cab window. Unlike a full-size ladder rack, the BACKRACK™ has a low profile design which means you’ll be able to park in places the other guys can’t. Imagine having all the function of a ladder rack without the inconvenience!
  • Safety Rack – When the main purpose of your truck rack system is to protect the cab and those inside it, the BACKRACK™ Safety Rack is your best bet. A wire screen constructed from durable 3/16th cold rolled wire is situated inside the frame of the rack to provide maximum protection. BACKRACK™’s Safety Racks are compatible with tonneau covers and make a good choice whether you have one truck or an entire fleet.
  • Louvered Rack – The Louvered Rack provides all the functionality and protection as our original BACKRACK™ but with a sleek new design. It sports a special powder coating that protects it from the elements, meaning that it will look great on your vehicle for years to come.

What add-ons are available for your truck rack systems?

Of course for some truck owners, the rack itself is not all that they need. For this reason, BACKRACK™ offers a variety of add-ons to allow you to customize your vehicle even further. These include:

  • Tonneau cover adapters – if you use a tonneau cover on your truck, the first step you’ll want to take before purchasing a BACKRACK™ truck rack is to ensure that the model you choose is compatible. The second step should be including a tonneau cover adapter in your order.
  • Rear bar – This simple accessory is ideal for truck owners who occasionally carry ladders or other long loads. It protects the tailgate of your truck when you need it to, and can easily be removed and stored when it’s not required.
  • Side rails – These industrial strength rails not only look great but provide maximum protection and durability.

When determining the truck rack system that will best work for you, you’ll need to consider the vehicle itself, the purpose of the truck rack, your personal style preferences as well as any accessories which you think you might require. To get started, contact BACKRACK™ and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.