What Goes In To Every BACKRACK™

We’re truck lovers, and truck users, so we know from first-hand experience both the joys and challenges of owning a truck. We love being able to haul loads and equipment, but we know keeping things organized and secure in the bed can be difficult, and not doing so can be potentially damaging. It was a desire to organize and secure our equipment, without compromising style or safety, that led us to create the BACKRACK™ products we offer today.



Many BACKRACK™ customers regularly utilize a ladder as part of their work. We wanted to create our truck racks so that those hard Backrack truck rackworkers could easily transport their ladders from one job site to another, without worrying about those ladders shifting around – or worse, falling off – their trucks.

So we set out to create a simple and open rack design that would make it easy for owners to rest a ladder – or other lengthy load – between the upright posts, and then wrap a bungee cord or ratchet strap around the flat bar to secure everything in place. Keeping the ladder in a fixed position means that you can drive around without worrying about it shifting and potentially cracking your rear window.



In addition to making it easy to secure ladders, loads, and other equipment to a BACKRACK™, we wanted to ensure the rack didn’t come with the same drawbacks as a full-size ladder rack. Full-size racks can prevent truck owners from parking inside garages or entering multi-level parking structures. We keep trucks using BACKRACKS™ as nimble as possible by using folding brackets that can be turned down to help you through low clearances.

When it comes to installation, we designed BACKRACKS™ to be as easy to set up as possible. On the majority of trucks, you won’t have to drill any holes – a few wrenches are usually all that you’ll need. Some trucks may still require drilling, and there may be some additional steps if you have an existing bedliner or toolbox, but these are still projects many truck owners can tackle themselves.


Safety and Strength

We know that many truck owners put their vehicle through some heavy-duty work, and they might need to routinely toss heavy items into the bed. So we created our safety rack with a two-inch wire screen that withstands impact while still offering visibility through the cab’s rear window.

To keep the screen strong, we manufacture it with cold rolled wire that’s welded at every intersection. The screen is then welded again into a heavy gauge steel frame. Our safety rack protects your rear window, and most importantly, the people inside your cab.



While our truck racks are sturdy and built to last, we didn’t want them to look overbearing. Trucks are used for work, sure, but they’re also used for a number of other reasons, and you might not always want your truck to look like a work truck. So the BACKRACKS™ was designed to be a stylish addition to your truck, and not a clunky piece of steel tacked onto it.

Check out some of the BACKRACKS™ that are available for purchasing. We've put a lot of effort into perfecting them and we really hope you get the most out of every BACKRACK™.