Why are truck racks called headache racks?

Hardworking men and women all over North America rely on truck racks to keep their vehicles and equipment protected and to keep themselves and their passengers safe. In many parts of North America, truck racks are known by another name – headache racks. In Canada, this term is most commonly used in the western provinces of Alberta and British Colombia, while in the U.S., the term is used most frequently in New Mexico, Washington State, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Since truck racks provide so many benefits to truck owners, the seemingly negative term, headache rack may seem strange to some and has led many to ask the question, “Why do they call it a headache rack?”

So, why do they call it that?

While the true answer to this question may be lost in obscurity, there are two theories that seem plausible.

1. Truck racks SAVE YOU from a headache

One of the big safety advantages of using a truck rack is the fact that they secure heavy equipment and material that you are transporting in your pickup truck. Heavy objects are not only prevented from sliding around in your truck, but should you come to a sudden stop, objects are prevented from launching forward through the rear cab window. If something were actually to come through the window and hit someone, then to call the resulting blow a “headache” would be an understatement!

Truck racks help to keep everyone inside the cab protected in the event of a sudden stop.

2. Truck racks GIVE you a headache

Another theory on why truck racks are often referred to as headache racks has to do with the low cross bar at the top of the rack. All too often a careless truck owner or worker has been in the back of a pickup truck loading or unloading and then stood up too quickly, banging his head on the bar.

We suspect it wouldn’t take too many of such incidents for this piece of equipment to be dubbed with the title of “headache rack”.

In this case the term itself, can serve as a reminder to watch your head when you are working in the back of the truck.

Regardless of what you call them – truck racks or headache racks – these useful pieces of equipment can help truck owners in a number of ways. From protecting expensive equipment, to saving your truck bed from an untold number of dents and scrapes to protecting the people inside your vehicle – there is no denying the value of truck racks – no matter what you call them.

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