Why You Should Buy BACKRACK™ Siderails For Your Truck

Adding side rails to your pickup truck is an excellent way to add functionality as well as a bit of sportiness to your vehicle. Depending on how you use your truck, a truck rack alone may or may not be enough to protect it from the rigours and wear and tear that you put on it.

If the sides of your truck bed are likely to come in contact with any items which you might be transporting, then a simple solution to help preserve the appearance and value of your vehicle is the use of BACKRACK™ siderails.

Why use side rails?

Like the name suggests, side rails protect the sides of your truck bed from scratches, dents and other damage that may be caused by transporting heavy materials and equipment. For example, if you carry a tool box that extends over the edges of the truck, then BACKRACK™ siderails may be just what you require to give you that added bit of protection.

Side rails also come in handy when you are transporting larger items such as machinery or smaller vehicles such as snowmobiles or ATVs. While your BACKRACK™ truck rack will certainly help hold them in place, your side rails will give you an additional place on which to secure them since they possess more bulk than other items that you might be carrying.

Using side rails not only protects your vehicle and the items that you are transporting, but it also helps you to be a safer driver as well. Loose items bouncing around in the back of your truck can be distracting and can potentially lead to unsafe driving. And unsecured items that might come off a truck are definitely a threat to other drivers.

When your side rails are not being used to secure items or to protect your vehicle, they provide the added benefit of making your truck look quite stylish. This is especially true when those side rails are BACKRACK™ siderails. Our sleek design and sturdy construction are sure to have you sporting your side rails with pride whether you are hauling heavy equipment or simply running out to the grocery store.

Why choose BACKRACK™ siderails?

Truck owners have many options when it comes to accessories for their vehicles. Here at BACKRACK™, we work hard to motivate you to make us your number one choice. Unlike some companies that outsource their manufacturing in order to get cheap labour, our products are made right here in North America.

We use only quality materials and as truck owners ourselves, it is our mission to provide the best designs that will not only optimize a work vehicle’s functionality but that will have great looks as well. Our products are easy to install and with the wide variety of products that we carry, it will be just as easy for you to customize your truck.

If you are looking for the ideal side rails to install on your truck, look no further than BACKRACK™. One of our helpful customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.