Why Construction Companies Choose BACKRACK™

Whether they are working on a commercial building, constructing a home or doing interior renovations, construction companies across Canada and the United States commonly rely on BACKRACK™ products to protect their vehicles, their equipment and their crews. While there may be other truck rack companies to choose from, the quality and durability that they get from BACKRACK™ is second to none.

Transporting equipment and materials

Construction crews need their trucks to transport both materials and equipment; using a BACKRACK™ truck rack helps to keep everything securely in place, so that vehicles and equipment remains undamaged and passengers in the truck are kept safe.

Depending on what exactly is being transported, BACKRACK™ has products and accessories to meet almost any need. Some of our unique products include truck racks that are accessible with toolboxes and tonneau covers, a tool rack, as well as side and back rails.

Low profile

While the typical image that many people have of construction crews is a group of burly men working outdoors in suburbia, there are also many construction projects that take place in busy cities inside office buildings and high-rise condominiums.

Many of these buildings have parking garages that would not easily accommodate trucks with truck racks. However, because of its low profile, a truck with a BACKRACK™ truck rack can go just about anywhere that a truck without a pick-up truck rack can go.

Keeping crews safe

Taking care of employees is important for any business that wishes to retain great talent – and taking measures to ensure the safety of their crews is one way that construction companies can demonstrate that they care about their employees.

The BACKRACK™ Safety Rack protects the rear cab window of work trucks, so should the vehicle need to come to a sudden stop, if anything in the back of the truck flies forward, the passengers inside the cab will be protected.

Keeping crews efficient and customers happy

Another great benefit to construction companies is the fact that BACKRACK™ truck racks and accessories help to keep everything organized. Instead of tools and materials rattling and shifting as they are moved to and from the workplace, they are all kept securely in place.

This means less time unloading the truck and more time working on the customer’s project.  

Trucks without holes in them!

Construction companies also appreciate the fact that BACKRACK™ has a simple no-drill installation process. Not only does this mean that their trucks have to spend less time off the work site while the truck rack is being installed, but it also means that when the companies replace their trucks, it is usually a simple matter to move their truck racks to the new trucks.

BACKRACK™ has been producing high quality truck racks and accessories since 1988, and with all we have to offer, it is no wonder that we have become the go-to source for construction companies when they are looking to outfit their vehicles. When it comes to safety, durability and versatility, nothing beats a BACKRACK™. You can contact us for more information on how to get a BACKRACK™ truck rack and the variety of accessories we have to offer.