Why People Choose BACKRACK™ - #1 Choice of Truck Racks

Big, Powerful, and Beautiful. The heavy duty work truck is the new sports car, and people love their trucks. And when adding accessories such as truck racks, they want something as high quality and as durable as their truck is. What they want is BACKRACK™.

We’ve been in the truck rack industry since 1988 and the folks at BACKRACK™ are as passionate about their products as truck owners are about their trucks. Here are just a few of the reasons why people love BACKRACK™.

North American Made Pick-Up Truck Racks

In a market where many hardworking men and women have seen friends, family members and maybe even themselves lose a job to cheap, overseas labour, it’s nice to know that some companies value keeping the jobs where their customer base is.

Our steel headache racks are made exclusively in Oakville, Ontario and distribution centers are located in Ontario, New York, and California.

Some other truck rack manufacturers have their products made offshore, taking jobs away from North America and potentially even sacrificing the quality of their pick-up truck racks.

Easy No-Weld Installation

When people purchase a truck rack, the last thing they want to do is waste an entire day trying to get it installed. The fact is that something as important as a truck rack shouldn’t take an engineering degree to attach to your vehicle.

BACKRACK™’s installation is quick and simple. And the best part is, that for most racks and trucks, you won’t need to drill any holes. Other manufacturers may require you to drill holes in your truck in order for your truck rack to be secure – a thought that most truck owners cringe at.

Quality Construction

Another reason people love BACKRACK™ is the quality construction. Tough, durable welded frames are capable of holding your tools and equipment securely while giving unsurpassed protection to your truck and those inside the cab.

The powder coating protects our racks from rust, so they will continue to look great for years to come.

Stylish Looks and Functionality

Just because a vehicle is a work truck doesn’t mean that it can’t also look great. Tall, bulky racks announce to the world that you’re coming from or going to a worksite – even if you’re actually only going out to dinner. And they can make it awkward, if not impossible to park inside a garage or underground.

BACKRACK™ has a stylish, low-profile design that won’t ruin the appearance of your beautiful truck.

Customization Options

Finally, people love BACKRACK™ because of its many customization options. There is a variety of styles and sizes to fit almost any truck and taste. Does your truck have a toolbox or tonneau cover? Not a problem, we have a rack for that. Need lights on your rack? We can do that too.

There are also many accessories that can go along with your BACKRACK™ such as side and rear rails allowing you to outfit your truck for the job at hand.

Between the quality construction, stunning good looks, customization options and corporate culture of keeping jobs in North America, what’s not to love about BACKRACK™? So contact us and we'll be ready to help you choose the right truck rack for you and your truck. You can also visit our facebook page for more information and updates on BACKRACK™.