Why Quebec Loves BACKRACK™

The Canadian province of Quebec is rich in heritage and history. As the largest province geographically and the second-largest in terms of population, it should come as no surprise that Quebec also boasts a diverse economy including aerospace, finance and transportation. For many segments of the economy, Quebecers rely on their pickup trucks to help them get their jobs done and BACKRACK is proud to be a part of that tradition.

The warm climate along the St. Lawrence River Valley makes agriculture and the production of products such as dairy, produce and maple syrup an important part of the economy. Further north, the forestry industry contributes billions through the production of pulp, paper and lumber. Mining is another larger sector for the province which has approximately 30 minerals to offer including iron, gold, zinc, nickel, and titanium.

Given the importance of these sectors to the province’s economy, it is no wonder that so many hard working men and women in Quebec use pickup trucks for work. Since this work vehicle is so crucial to daily living, Quebecers often seek out the protection of BACKRACK truck racks.

Protection for Vehicles:

Whether hauling farm equipment, tools or lumber BACKRACK can help to extend the life of any pickup truck. It does this by providing a durable and sturdy feature to secure items to while the truck is in movement. The truck rack keeps items from moving around and causing scrapes and dents to the truck bed.

Additional accessories such as side rails and rear bars can also be added depending the type of item that is being transported.

Protection for Cargo:

Sectors such as mining, agriculture and forestry all use expensive equipment. Even smaller companies that make use of pickup trucks such as contractors and landscapers often need to transport specialty equipment and tools.

BACKRACK truck racks not only help keep the vehicle safe from damage, but they also protect the cargo inside the truck bed. The less items rattle around inside the back of the truck, the less likely it is that there will damage to them when they reach their final destination.

Protection for People:

Of course, the most important thing that BACKRACK™ protects is people. This protection extends to other drivers who might be caused to get into an accident should something unexpectedly fly out of the back of another vehicle, and it also extends to the driver and any passengers inside the truck cab who might be at risk of being hit by unsecured items coming through the cab window.

Even if your truck is old and your equipment is inexpensive, properly securing everything just makes good sense for the safety aspect alone!

Why Quebecers love BACKRACK:

When shopping around for truck racks and other accessories, many residents of Quebec choose BACKRACK for good reason: They know quality when they see it!

Unlike other companies who outsource their manufacturing overseas in order to get cheap labour, BACKRACK products are designed and made right here in North America.

Our products are not only extremely durable and made of the highest quality materials, but they are also extremely easy to install. All these factors make BACKRACK the premier maker of truck racks in Quebec.