Winter Fun with BACKRACK™

Just because BACKRACK™ is designed for work doesn’t mean that you can’t also use it for play. As the weather starts to cool, our thoughts turn to winter activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, and winter camping. But before this fun can begin, you’ve got to transport yourself and your gear to the slopes, trails or campsite. And BACKRACK™ can help you do that.

Fun on the slopes

If you and your family enjoy skiing and snowboarding, then BACKRACK™ truck racks can be a great tool to ensure that you get your gear to the ski hills safely. Our truck racks will keep your skiing and snowboarding equipment securely in place so that neither it nor your truck will get damaged. Mountain roads on the way to ski resorts can get quite icy during the winter, and you never know when you’ll have to come to a sudden stop with your vehicle which can end up throwing your equipment forward. BACKRACK™ protects the rear window of your cab preventing items inside your truck bed from cracking or breaking a window.

Many skiers simply invest in a sport rack for the tops of their cars to transport their ski equipment. And while this is fine for the average person, why invest in an additional rack if you already own a BACKRACK™?

Adventure on the trails with Pick-up Truck Racks

If motorized winter sports are more your style, you’ll be happy to know that BACKRACK™ is also ideal for snowmobiles. While some people settle for towing their snowmobile on a trailer behind their vehicle, this can result in decreased control on the road – especially in snowy or icy conditions.

Why not load your recreation vehicle into your truck bed instead. Using BACKRACK™ as a safety feature, you can be assured that your snowmobile will not accidently bump the back of your cab. It remains securely in place until you reach your destination.

Wonders of winter camping

Winter camping has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, as it offers campers the chance not only to avoid the summer camping crowd but also to experience a greater variety of wildlife and view the night sky in its full splendor. Some campers are even lucky enough to see a dazzling display of the Northern Lights.

But winter campers also need to invest in more and better gear which first needs to be transported to the campsite. Not to worry though, it’s BACKRACK™ to the rescue again, securely holding down your expedition tents, camping stove, cross-country skis or snowshoes and anything else you might need while you are braving the elements.

At BACKRACK™, we believe that you deserve to play as hard as you work. So while our North American made products are heavy duty and built to withstand all the rigours of your work day, we hope that you won’t neglect to see how they can be used for recreation time as well.

As those first snowflakes start to fall, consider how BACKRACK™ can help you enjoy your winter more. Whether you are a ski buff, a snowmobile fanatic, or one of those crazy people who likes to camp in the winter, we’ll help get you and your gear to your location safely.