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At BACKRACK™, we have been manufacturing quality, industry leading headache racks since 1988. 

For nearly twenty years, BACKRACK™ has been creating quality steel headache racks that have continued to impress customers. Made in Ontario and sold in North America, our headache racks are constructed using a hands-on approach to manufacturing. This process not only creates efficiency, but it is the reason that our products are known for their professional quality. Why go anywhere else other than BACKRACK™ for a headache rack for your pickup truck?

A Style to Suit Your Needs

At BACKRACK™, we have designed several different styles of headache racks to meet the needs of our customers:

backrack truck rack


The original BACKRACK™ maintains your truck's stylish good looks while providing you with a practical tool to carry ladders and long loads, secure shifting cargo, or mount most any type of light or accessory. BACKRACK™'s low profile design allows you to park your truck in places you couldn't with a full-size ladder rack.

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safety rack truck rack


If cab protection and employee safety are your primary concern then SAFETY RACK from BACKRACK™ is the solution you need.  The SAFETY RACK provides complete coverage of the rear window while offering clear visibility through the two inch fully welded wire screen.

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insert rack truck rack


The Half Safety Rack provides protection for both the driver and passenger with a sturdy two-inch fully welded wire screen. An opening is left in the middle of this headache rack, allowing clear access if you wish to open your back window.

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louvered rack truck rack


Look cool and keep cool with BACKRACK™'s latest design.  We've incorporated all the great quality and details that you've come to expect from BACKRACK™ into this great looking Cab Guard. Check out the videos to see the quality that goes into this design.

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half louvered rack truck rack


Our Half Louvered Rack is similar to the Louvered Rack, however, there is an open space between the driver and passenger side. This lets you open your rear window, allowing you to pass items to and from your cab to truck bed with ease.

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open rack truck rack


Open Rack’s simple design lets you attach bungee cords or ratchet straps around the flat bar to secure cargo, long lumber or even a ladder. Items that are secured properly to our sturdy headache rack will ensure that your rear window and cab will be protected from shifting cargo.

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three light headache rack


With our Three Light Headache Rack, you will be able to drive safe knowing that your vehicle is visible, and your cargo is secure. Lights provide extra visibility on remote roads at night, foggy areas, or for work during stormy weather.

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three round headache rack


The Three Round Pickup Rack provides an alternative to our faithful BACKRACK™ headache rack in that it does not visually make your pickup truck seem like a workup truck while still allowing you to secure your cargo, tools, and accessories.

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Nothing Compares to BACKRACK™ Quality

Although our competitors may state that they offer something similar, the truth is that no other headache rack product compares to BACKRACK™. Competitors outsource their manufacturing offshore, which can compromise product quality. We at BACKRACK™ are 100% committed to consistently creating a superior product. By keeping our manufacturing process in Oakville, Ontario, we are completely invested in our company, as well as our products and are proud of our strong reputation in the truck accessory industry.

Looking for One of Our Reputable Products?

Our headache rack products are sold across North America in the same locations where truck accessories are sold. Because our manufacturing process is extremely streamlined, we offer quick turnaround times for BACKRACK™ dealers and distributors. This means that your BACKRACK™ product can be available to install either immediately, or within a short timeframe. Need help with the installation? Let our team of experts assist you.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Over the last two decades, we have earned a reputation for providing customers with only quality products. Contact us today to learn more about our headache racks.